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Les Discrets – Live at Roadburn


Les Discrets, a band that I have respect and admiration. One of the most creative bands in the French scene, which in my humble opinion is one of the best, truly unique and rich; they are indeed among my favourite ones. Les Discrets are able to express the deepest emotions in music with an utmost competence that is highly admirable. I have to admit that they have never disappointed me and I truly look forward to their next creative phase. Now, in 2015, the French act releases a live album, recorded at the distinguished Roadburn festival. Here are some introductory words about this release:




This performance carries great weight for the history of Les Discrets: as Teyssier won’t be operating within the rock/metal context anymore in the future, this concert was most likely the last with emphasis on the songs of “Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées” and “Ariettes Oubliées” as well as their familiar arrangements. Also, the band’s top-class line-up, consisting of the most influential musicians of the French post-black metal scene, was to be witnessed together on one stage probably for the last time at this event. Therefore, “Live At Roadburn” is much more than the first live album of Les Discrets. It’s the culmination of the band’s first creative phase.




What an outstanding farewell to this phase, I must add. This has to be one of the most intense, beautiful and exquisite live album I have heard in my lifetime. You can sense unrestricted symbioses between the audience and the musicians. Each song, each note played, each improvisation is filled with sentiment, passion and devotion. The beauty presented in this work is superb, a truly moving and affectionate craftwork that chills you. Such a dazzling and elegant endeavour that has profoundly impressed me.




There is not much to mention when it comes to a live release, the songs are there, you’ve heard them before, what I believe I can share is the “feeling”, the atmosphere of the release, how it sounds, the moods and senses. And I can safely say that Les Discrets’ “Live at Roadburn” is a splendid work of art, gorgeously recorded, gracefully executed and a true representation of the artistic integrity, talent and expertise. The songs presented in this venture represent well the magnificent Les Discrets body of work.




As for the production, all sound so clear, well recorded and mixed that it is even more pleasurable to listen to “Live at Roadburn”. If you do not know them, I guess very little of the readers belong in this category, please, check their albums. If you are not among those that enjoy live efforts, I urge you to give this one a listen. It is simply alluring, beautiful. And if you are interested in good music in general, check out Les Discrets’ “Live at Roadburn”, you won’t regret. There are legal ways to do it so and, I beg of you, support and/ or promote them in any way that is possible for you.




Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Bands: Les Discrets


Album: Live at Roadburn (2015)


Label: Prophecy Productions




  1. Linceul d’hiver
  2. L’Échappée
  3. Les Feuilles de l’olivier
  4. Au Creux de l’hiver
  5. Le Mouvement perpétuel
  6. La Nuit muett
  7. Chanson d’automne
  8. Song for Mountains


Les Discrets is:


Audrey Hadorn – Vocals & Lyrics

Fursy Teyssier – Guitars, bass, vocals, visuals


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


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June 5, 2015


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