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Los Males Del Mundo – L.M.D.M. – EP

Los Males Del Mundo – L​.​M​.​D​.​M. – EP

Los Males Del Mundo are an Argentinian band created by Dany Tee (from such acts as Acathexis and Downfall of Nur) and Cristian Yans to combine a modern approach to the black metal sound with diverse ingredients of the late 90’s BM fashion. In order to achieve their goal with a deeper meaning, they wrote lyrics inspired by philosophers such as Arthur Schopenhauer, Emil Cioran and Friedrich Nietzsche. Besides this, Los Males Del Mundo feature Nikita Kamprad, of Der Weg einer Freiheit fame as a guest-musician on the bass guitar for début EP. The German also produced, mixed, and mastered this material.

Well, just by reading this piece of information, you might feel that there is a high chance that their music is indeed of superlative character.  It all sounds truly promising. Well, we have two good news. The first one is that you can listen to this EP freely. Or better, you can download it for free on Los Males Del Mundo official Bandcamp page. The second one is that, in this reviewer’s humble and modest opinion, “Ephemeral Masquerades” and “Hatefire”, both songs that are displayed on L​.​M​.​D​.​M. represent a dedicated work of passion. This EP is a masterful, elegant, and ardent piece of black metal beauty. You can sense the melancholic moods blending with fiery, furious aggressions. While the compositions are filled with rage, the tunes are also enticing, captivating, absolutely mesmerizing. Another facet that should be commended is the production, an utterly exquisite and admirable work by Nikita Kamprad, as expected. It is quite clear that Dany, Cristian (and Nikita as well) are inarguably talented people.  

In this Covid-19 infested world, filled with hunger, poverty, and pain, and moreover, when we think about the current artistic aspects, we notice a world in which one of the last bastions of musical integrity and true sentiment, that is black metal, is being tarnished by greedy acts from some bands and labels, it is a refreshing and hopeful sign to see an ensemble such as “Los Males Del Mundo” come to life; a group with vision, fervour and honesty. They represent the old black metal ideals. I look forward to listening to their full-length album, as soon as an idealistic company release it in a, hopefully, nearby future.   

Grade: 9,5/10




October 19, 2020


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