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Lux Occulta – Kołysanki



Lux Occulta started as a Black Metal band in the year 1994 in Poland. After releasing some highly acclaimed albums the band went on a hiatus, which had no prediction to end, for almost a decade. Now the avant-garde masters have returned with an album titled Kołysanki, a release completely different than their earlier works.




This is an insane release; I’m amazed how fertile the minds of these musicians are. If I’d have to classify the album into one metal genre, it could be, roughly, described as electronic avant-garde metal, but this is not “just” one metal album, actually, there are metal elements and so jazz, folk, electronica, it’s just superb. If you like musical genre blends done in a more than competent way, interesting and bold, you’ll love this album.




As I’ve mentioned before, there’s so much going on that it’s hard to talk about “Kołysanki” without unfairly leaving some aspects of the album unspoken. Having that in mind, I’ll let you know the main elements. Sung and spoken in Polish, with some French samples, “Kołysanki” creates a unique atmosphere of immense creativity and genuine work. There are also some folkish chants that create a captivating mood. As for the instrumental side of the release, we have organs, double bass, sax, acoustic guitars, heavy use of synths, violin, it’s a massive amalgamation of instruments. We are also presented with gypsy and psychedelic influences, all with a notably industrial beat.




Kołysanki’s production is fine, nothing to be added about it. This release isn’t easy to “digest”, you might not enjoy it so much the first time you hear, it needs attention and a few listens to realize how beautiful and majestic this album is. I urge you all to give it a try and then, to support Lux Occulta the way that is possible to you.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Lux Occulta


Album: Kołysanki (2014)


Label: Independent/ Trzecie Ucho




1. Dymy

2. Samuel wraca do domu

3. Mieczów siedem

4. Serca tu mają tylko dzwony

5. Sen jest lżejszy od powietrza

6. Karawanem Fiat

7. Bieluń i chryzantemy

8. Bądź miłościw


Lux Occulta is:


Jarosław Szubrycht – Vocals

U. Reck – Keyboards

Vogg – Guitars

Maciej Tomczyk – Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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November 22, 2014


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