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Majster Kat – Memento…

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And now I review, or better, share my thoughts with you about a Slovak band. Founded in Bratislava, in my humble opinion, one of the most interesting cities to visit in the world, Majster Kat plays Thrash Metal… one more Thrash Metal band that I review? Yeah, well, if you want me to review other genres, just let me know about different releases, newer bands that need promotion. I don’t think if I review an album from Metallica will make any difference, hehe. But I digress.


What I’m surprised is the lack of different Thrash Metal bands that we listen to. I’ve heard one person telling me, a long time ago, that Thrash Metal all sounded the same. If only he knew more deeply about the genre as well as the bands I’ve been reviewing lately. Much like Black Metal, there are different “subgenres”, influences, incorporations and the bands obviously sound very different from one another.


The vocals are very particular and they reminded of Mariusz Szczerski’s Honor, although the bands thematic and ideologies are completely different, I must add. I really enjoyed them and the fact that the lyrics are in their mother tongue. All of the mentioned made me like this album even more. This album is full of feelings, of passion, you can sense that Majster Kat’s members put their hearts on this release. In my modest view, this is so important, even more important than being very technical or amazingly skilled like some famous musicians and bands that I won’t mention here. Their music can be impressive, but still sounds bland and empty, unlike Majster Kat. But I’m not saying that Majster Kat is like a three-cords punk band, hehe, not at all!


Majster Kat 3


The production is, one more time, very strong and sounds completely professional. You can hear all the awesome guitar works, drums, vocals… everything sounds clear and very well done. I have to admit that I’m very happy to get to know that there are still so many bands carrying the torch, trying to overcome all the hardships when it comes to play metal. Please, if you can, support Majster Kat, they really deserve that we buy the album or attend one of their gigs. And, as always, I hope to hear more and more from the band in the future.


Grade: 9,2/10


Band: Majster Kat


Album: Memento… (2014)


Label: Support Underground


Track list:


1. Úsvit

2. Spoveď kňaza

3. Kto si bez viny

4. Sudca a kat

5. Hodnoty

6. Podlé slová

7. Zlo v nás

8. Zvony

9. Na smetisku civilizácie


Majster Kat is:


Tapyr – Bass

Lukas – Guitars

Los – Guitars

Slymák – Vocals

Peter – Drums


Official Facebook:

Official Homepage:

June 4, 2014