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While typing my thoughts on Moonspell’s new album, Extinct, I listen to it on the background and watch the Portuguese Football championship. Multitasking, as usual. Well, I digress. Today I’m sharing my thoughts about the new album from band that I have been a huge admirer for many years, Moonspell’s Extinct.




At the time I got to know the band, the internet was very expensive so we simply had to go to the stores to get to know about new bands. I’m sure many, many of you have been through this as well. I remember that I saw Wolfheart’s album cover and it caught my attention. We listened to the album there and it was “love at first ‘hear’”. After that many albums were released, the band got very successful and I was able to interview Miguel Gaspar via Skype. It was one of my longest interviews, in total over one hour of conversation.




The band’s previous album, Alpha Noir was, in my humble opinion, the best Moonspell release in many years (Under Satanae as well, but that was a re-recording, as you know) and I was eager to know if the band kept on evolving, with the same strength as it was the case with Alpha Noir. Well, in my modest view they did. Extinct is indeed a delight to the ears. Like I said, the band kept on developing their music, presenting something new in their creation, in their sound. The album is very varied in its influences and styles, but you can clearly sense that it’s a Moonspell release.




Extinct is a very emotional album, heavy, gothic, but less dark than their previous release. With many orchestral parts, it has a very interesting atmosphere, an intense mood, especially due to the powerful vocal performance by Fernando Ribeiro, both harsh and clear. The instrumental part, as always, is superb, Miguel is very technical as usual and the guitars sound amazing, with the use of heavy riffage here and there. Symphonic, exciting and in many ways catchy, this is a superb album and very easy to listen to, perhaps a good way to introduce Moonspell to those that aren’t much into Extreme Metal.




When it comes to Extinct’s production, very polished and clean, we have another highly positive side of this release. I invite you all to check Extinct and support Moonspell, a very creative and innovative band that is always trying to evolve, without the fear of experimenting. So, one more time, my good friends, these are my humble thoughts about Extinct and I hope you give it a try.




Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Moonspell


Album: Extinct (2015)


Label: Napalm Records




  1. Breathe (Until We Are No More)
  2. Extinct
  3. Medusalem
  4. Domina
  5. The Last of Us
  6. Malignia
  7. Funeral Bloom
  8. A Dying Breed
  9. The Future Is Dark
  10. La Baphomette


Moonspell is:


Miguel Gaspar – Drums

Pedro Paixão – Keyboards, Guitars

Fernando Ribeiro – Vocals

Ricardo Amorim – Guitars, Keyboards

Aires Pereira – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official SoundCloud:


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March 15, 2015


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