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Movie Suggestion IV: Un Prophète

A Prophet – Original title: Un Prophète (2009)

Directed by: Jacques Audiard

Nominated for the 2010 Best Foreign Language Film of the Year. Winner of the 2010 Best Film Not in the English Language BAFTA and the 2009 Cannes Grand Prize of the Jury.

What I mean is that when I recommend a movie I do it simply by the merit of being enjoyable or not. It doesn’t matter if I agree with anything that happens on it, what I find important is that you’ll be entertained.

We have now a French movie. It’s an interesting fact that coming from a French family and being born in Brazil, I’ve never recommended any film from these countries. It’s not a coincidence, there are amazing releases and classics from both nations. I believe that this is actually a phase; right now I’m more into Asian movies, but there were times that all I did was watching Swedish motion pictures (and still do many times). Even the awful ones (yes, there are a few).

French cinema is vast. There is no way anyone could talk about it all on such short message. We have the highly acclaimed and admired Truffaut, Godard, Malle; the modern and cool Jeunet; Régis Wargnier and Mathieu Kassovitz whose are among my favorite directors… I must say that I feel bad by this listing as there are so many that weren’t mentioned, but this isn’t an essay. The goal, obviously, is to suggest you ONE movie :D.

Well, unfortunately I can’t talk about everything I’d like to and I won’t even name movies or actors/ actresses, I really can’t. I ask for their forgiveness and yours as well, if I forgot (and I know I did) one of your personal favorites.

IMDB summarizes the plot as “The illiterate eighteen year-old Franco-Arab Malik El Djebena is sent to Brécourt prison sentenced to six years for assaulting police officers. Alone and without money, Malik finds unprotected in an environment of corruption and violence divided by the Corsican and Muslim gangs. The powerful Corsican mobster César Luciani forces him to do something 😉 and then gives support and protection to him in his gang. Malik befriends Ryad that teaches him how to read and write and they become best friends. Meanwhile César uses Malik to help him outside prison in his dirty business with casinos. Malik also learns how to deal drugs and climbs positions in the hierarchy of César’s mafia.” (Adapted to not contain spoilers).

It has a stunning 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and a rating of 8.1 on IMDB. Here we have some review excerpts that show the brilliance of this motion picture:

“With this approach and the genre machinery installed well in place by director Jacques Audiard, the movie is an epic-styled comment on the practical side of getting through modern life, with spirituality and loyalty playing side parts to gaining raw skill, nerve, judgment, useful connections, and experience.” (By LVJeffreys)

“A Prophet is the rarest of crime films: One that turns us inside out with concern not only for Malik’s physical safety, but for the safety of his soul.” (By James Kendrik)


Jacques Audiard’s mesmerizing French prison epic starts down a predictable path, but takes its young character on a journey of hard-fought survival told with an unforgettable verve and originality.” (By Chris Barsanti)

Don’t miss the chance to watch a two and half hours movie that will blow your mind up. And an advice, this is a prison/ mob movie: it’s violent, deals with drugs, sex and many polemic themes.

April 12, 2014


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