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Movie Suggestion XXII: Vi är bäst!



Movie Suggestion XXII: Vi är bäst!


Country: Sweden – 2013


Genre: Drama


Directed by: Lukas Moodysson


Plot: “WE ARE THE BEST! is Moodysson’s adaptation of his wife Coco’s graphic novel about three young misfits growing up in early ’80s Stockholm. Pixieish, mohawk-sporting Klara (Mira Grosin) and her best friend Bobo (Mira Barkhammar) are 13-year-old rebels looking for a cause. Despite having no instruments-or discernible musical talent-the two put all their energy into forming an all-girl punk band, recruiting their shy, classical guitar-playing schoolmate Hedvig (Liv LeMoyne) as the third wheel. With tender affection for his young characters and the period in which his film is set, Moodysson paints an ebullient and sharply observant portrait of DIY spirit and growing up different. (Magnolia)




“With three-dimensional, realistic on-screen portrayals of girls in such high demand and low supply, “We Are the Best!” should bring a smile to the face of anybody, regardless of gender, who recognizes themselves even a little in these savvy, indomitable characters. It’s also a spot-on expression of the true, anarchic spirit of punk.” (


we-are-the-best (1)


“Moodyson certainly knows how to get his cast to harmonize. One of the best directors of kids alive, he uses the vintage technique of the shoulder-mounted camera. This 16mm style is naturally forceful—it zooms in and pounces on a subject—and Moodysson counters that didacticism with a democratic push; you can see the three lead actresses cooking up the movie in front of you. Working from his wife Coco’s autobiographical graphic novel, Moodysson revels in the way his young cast alternate between being children and adults, back and forth like a lenticular image. The film is irresistible–conveying the pleasures of being a spiky nuisance in a maddeningly calm society.” (




“Lukas Moodysson’s direction of the three 13-year-olds is amazing. He manages to bring out perfect performances from the three girls. Or, perhaps he convinced them that is was OK not to act, even in the glare of the lights in front of the looming cameras. The shots of the school cafeteria and the shopping malls will bring back mixed memories to many viewers, memories both good and bad. There are intensely meaningful scenes that bring tears to the eyes, interspersed with scenes of pure silliness. The film would have been better with more of the former and less of the latter, but that is what being a kid is all about. Two steps forward and one step back.


In the end it is the indomitable spirit of youth that wins out and we in the audience win when we remember that we used to be like that, too. In fact, we are still like that, a little, and maybe we should be more like that. After all, we are the best!” (


I have no more words to add. This is such an interesting movie that I believe all should watch.

June 20, 2014


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