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Multinational Corporations – Jamat-al-Maut



Often we hear about the hardships, and “hardships” is a euphemism, of countries that inspire to rebel many metal bands around the globe. We all know many bands that became famous singing about atrocities, political and economical crises, religion oppression and they rebel against such horrible acts and the dogmas and indoctrinations of the leaders of these nations. Multinational Corporations is a Pakistani band and they are indeed rebelling through music against the world we all are living in, since I believe we can relate to their lyrics, against all the odds.


After releasing a demo in 2011 named Equality, now in 2014, Multinational Corporations strikes us with an EP named Jamat-al-Maut. And I’ll let you all know already, I didn’t give it a tem because the EP is too short, I wanted to listen to more music, but, about the music itself, I freaking loved it.




This hate-filled, angry, anti-establishment EP is a chaotic crust/ grindcore release, with some Death Metal and Punk elements, with a very raw sound and great riffs that makes you headband all the way while listening to the songs, “Jamat-al-Maut” has that primitive sound that lately I’m into to (and I wish that, perhaps, a few of you are as well), that is honest and carefree. I must admit that L.P.C. caused some eargarms here, I’m happy that I heard this album alone, otherwise I don’t know what people would think of the eargarms sounds, hehe. It’s simply an amazing release, with a powerful sense of social criticism and responsibility.


Another aspect that I’d like to share with you is that the music is very varied and the production, while being raw, is praiseworthy. So, if you’re an active reader of this website, you already know what’s to come and that is, please, support the bands that you enjoy the music they produce, especially, in this case, Multinational Corporations, that way the band will manage to be active and to release new albums in the future to come.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Multinational Corporations


Album: Jamat-al-Maut (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent/ Salute Records




1. Fuck Your Patriotism

2. Jamat-al-Maut

3. Stratum Slave

4. Advertisement Overdose

5. L.P.C.

6. White Collar Communism

7. Salaab

8. Penniless Pride


Multinational Corporations is:


Sheraz Ahmed – Guitar, Bass, Drum Programming

Hassan Umer – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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September 8, 2014


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