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Musth – Noise Machine

1 – Noise Machine – 04:39
2 – I Think She Knows – 04:25
3 – Fish and Ships – 04:01
4 – 30 Minutes Compassion – 06:12
5 – My Knees – 06:11
6 – The Good Samaritan – 07:46
7 – Contemplation on the Sweet Smell of Daffodils in October – 0:31
8 – I Can’t Understand a Word You’re Saying – 04:23
9 – The [of]Fence – 07:16
10 – My First Desert Trip – 05:19
11 – This is War – 06:48



Listing influences such as Mr. Bungle, Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Meshuggah, Radiohead, Dillinger Escape Plan, Porcupine Tree and many others, the Norwegian Experimental Metal band Musth has just released their debut album named “Noise Machine”. “Musth” is a periodic condition in bull elephants, characterized by highly aggressive behavior, accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones; Scientific investigation of musth is problematic because during musth even elephants that are otherwise placid may try to kill humans. Yes, I copied this from Wikipedia. Musth also means madness in Hindu. So, does the band’s name fit the music they create?

Yes. Yes, it does. Musth plays what they call “Schizo Metal”, a style which fuses metal/ rock with mad and bizarre overtones. This results in songs that are catchy, mad, weird, but the “weirdness” on Noise Machine is actually “well played”; you can sense that this so-called weirdness isn’t there just for the sake of being weird, of being different… you feel that the untraditional musical approaches are there for a reason. I know, this doesn’t make a lot of sense, but to really get what I mean, you have to listen to Noise Machine. In my opinion, the weirdness fits the lyrics, the moods of the compositions, which, by the way, are all great.

I truly enjoyed every single Noise Machine song, but “30 Minutes Compassion” is easily one of the best songs I heard in 2011. The same can be said of The [of]Fence. Musth’s debut album presents us something new, something fresh in the metal scene and features an excellent musicianship, which can be quite unexpected for a young band. Also, Noise Machine’s production is crystal clear. I don’t think the audiophiles would complain about it at all!

Another interesting point is Noise Machine’s length. Reaching almost an hour, this is one more very positive aspect. Personally, I don’t like full-length albums containing about only half an hour of music. Obviously if it’s all good music, I can let that pass. And, while Noise Machine is a long album, it never gets boring.

As a collector, I do pay attention to many aspects of a release, like the booklet, quality of the paper, the graphic design… Such things may not be that important when it comes to great music (again), but it certainly is a plus when buying a physical version of an album. With Noise Machine we have a complete and very stylish booklet. All in all, Musth’s debut CD doesn’t disappoint at all on this aspect either.

In conclusion: this is indeed one album to be played again and again; highly recommended for anyone interested in something fresh, new and different. Check out the band’s official websites, attend their gigs whenever possible and last, but not least, buy Noise Machine!


Pål Saure – Vocals

Bjørn-Are Johansen – Guitars

Ola Håkon Svendsen – Guitars

Glenn Phillip Nilsen – Bass

Christian Berg – Trommer





Artwork by Remi Juliebø


April 11, 2014


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