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We return to the majestic land of Russia with a split-album released by Casus Belli Musica featuring Nidra and K.M., titled “Epitaph of Solitude”. Those that are regular readers of this website are already aware of my fondness for Russian Metal, literature and history, but no matter what, as I always do, I will be impartial when it comes to giving my general opinions of this fascinating endeavour.


Before I talk about the album, I believe it is important to give some information about both bands, if you aren’t familiar with them, in order for you to know if this is a metal genre that interests you or not.  Concerning Nidra, here is what they have to state: to be on our way is the most important thing, we are in this state, and our next stop can appear in absolutely other range of perception, but we went deep into doom metal namely in this point. Compositions of this release present our view of doom metal in its various forms, whether it is funeral, atmospheric or experimental doom.


Cold (Nidra)


In theory, this is the type of music that draws my attention, that pleases me, that’s why I decided to review “Epitaph of Solitude”. In addition, the same can be said about K.M., a one-man band from Syktyvkar, Dark Metal/ Neoclassic act is a continuation of the band Emptiness Soul. The topics of lyrics are based on solitude philosophy, and deep comprehension of own essence. Stereotypes, emotions, frameworks of human consciousness, all of this, is a never-ending source for reflections, and the aim of the author is to find room for it both in lyrics, and in a musical component of the project. I was highly interested not only to the music aspects of “Epitaph of Solitude”, but also to the lyrics. They deeply capture an aura of solitude, coldness and hopelessness, for the most part.


Some more information about the release itself, before I describe the music and let you know how this work “feels”, the physical version of “Epitaph of Solitude”, in CD format, is limited to 500 copies. And the booklet contains the lyrics in Russian with the translations done by Sergey AR Pavlov to English, making it easier to be able to fully enjoy the deeper meanings of the presented songs in this work.


Rain Prahlada (Nidra)


As for the music, what we have, presented by Nidra is a varied and imposing Doom Metal, utterly dark and in many times symphonic, blending elements of funeral and atmospheric Doom Metal, as the band has already stated that it is what they are into nowadays. The music is slow-paced, patient and mournful. Do not let yourselves be fooled though, it never becomes boring, Nidra manages to create an anguished mood with ability and finesse. At times, it feels also ritualistic and eerie, monumental and ominous, while in another song you have more of the classical Doom Metal elements. It is very impressive to see how the same band can sound different in three songs, but still playing the same genre. As you can see, Nidra’s music caused a deeply positive impact for me.


The Dark Metal masterminded by K.M. is indeed powerful and massive. It has a tremendous feeling of desolation and, in contrast, grandeur. But it’s not only about the most obscure interpretations of music, the band also creates some interludes filled with beauty and moments of hope. As it happens with many Dark Metal bands, some of the instrumental side reminds us of Black Metal, especially the guitars. The vocals are deep though, more like in a Doom Metal record, for the most part, as there are some shrieks as well, especially as back-vocals. Like Nidra, the music is absolutely rich and varied, switching moods within the songs. It is dreamy, emotional and extremely stunning. And to conclude K.M.’s “side”, I have to admit that I am speechless, what an amazing work.


Katharos (K.M.)


Also, both bands join forces to cover a song by the masters Bethlehem, “Gestern Starb Ich Schon Heute”, from the classic album” Sardonischer Untergang im Zeichen irreligiöser Darbietung” , a fine choice and more than worth tribute to this terrific Germans. It is a cover song, but still Nidra and K.M. added their brands to the song. Another magnificent work crafted by the Russians.


As for the production, I think that there is nothing really to be observed here, which means that it’s clean and well-balanced enough to make it possible for “Epitaph of Solitude” completely enjoyed in all of its glory. My friends, I really hope and wish for this work to be heard by many, many listeners, as, in my modest view, it deserves a broad audience. I ask you now to, please, give both bands a chance, check this split-album legally, and if you happen to like their creations, I beg of you to find a way to support them.


Promo kindly provided by Casus Belli Musica.


NIDRA_K.M._Epitaph Of Solitude_2015


Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Nidra/ K.M.


Album: Epitaph of Solitude (Split – 2015)


Label: Casus Belli Musica




  1. Nidra – Pathways of a Dream (Kali)
  2. Nidra – Prisoner
  3. Nidra – Thorns Of Never Existed
  4. Nidra & K.M. – Abyss (Gestern Starb Ich Schon Heute – Bethlehem cover)
  5. K.M. – Mutilated By the God…
  6. K.M. – Having Begun To Hate This World…
  7. K.M. – Cognizing the Grief


Nidra is:


Cold – All instruments

Rain Prahlada – Vocals, lyrics


K.M. is:


Katharos – All instruments, vocal, music, lyrics


Official Nidra VKontakte:

Official Nidra Soundcloud:


Official K.M. VKontakte:

Official K.M. Facebook:


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May 12, 2015


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