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Nucleus Torn – Street Lights Fail



The Swiss Avant-garde/ Folk Metal Nucleus Torn is a band that I have always enjoyed its creation and often I think why the band never got the attention that deserves. This band has systematically released strong efforts on the last fourteen years (the band was founded in 1997, but their first EP was out in 2001) and is signed to a highly respected label that is Prophecy Productions. It’s one of those things we never know.


Well, now, in 2014, the band has released a new album. Actually a concept of the band that will sparse through two albums, the first being “Street Lights Fail” and in the next year shall be completed with the release of “Neon Lights Eternal”. Speaking about the album, Nucleus Torn has stated the following: “With qualities that have always been common to Nucleus Torn – expertise, creativity, bravery and the readiness to fail – the band has created an album of 40 minutes with a density which is, in terms of sound, style and emotion, unparalleled in Progressive Rock. A fair share of this can be ascribed to Anna Murphy (Eluveitie) as well, who for the first time acts as the only singer on an album by Nucleus Torn, thus leaving a distinct imprint.”




Yes, the band was correct when describing the album, I mean, of course they should be, but, you know, there are in some occasions, depending on the band, some delusions of grandeur, and that applies to a lot of reviewers as well, but, in the case, all the adjectives mentioned on the statement above transcribed are, in my modest view, correct. “Street Lights Fail” features a very contemporary sound, divided in three long songs, all having in common the progressive element, but flirting with many other styles. Anna Murphy’s vocals stand out beautifully, adding more beauty into this alluring release.


A few more words about the album is that it also has a jazzy feeling, piano, metal riffs, but everything done in a gentle way. The music is very calming and it’s a great way to relax after a hard day, just sit back and let Nucleus Torn to lead you to the dream land. So, I finish my “review” or thoughts on the release, if you prefer, I know I do, by stating what I post every single day, please, if you liked the album, please, support the band the way that you are able to, that’s all I ask you. And to like my Facebook page as well, hehe, come on, I need more people to engage with the website. I thank you all in advance.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Nucleus Torn


Album: Street Lights Fail (2014)


Label: Prophecy Productions




1. –

2. Worms

3. The Promise of Night


Nucleus Torn is:


Fredy Schnyder – Bagpipes, Bass, Church Organ, Grand Piano, Guitars, Hammered Dulcimer, Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Oud

Anna Murphy – Vocals

Alain Ackermann – Drums


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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September 7, 2014


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