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Obscurity – Vintar

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Today I’m sharing my modest thoughts about the latest release of the German Viking Metal veterans Obscurity. In the end of November, 2014, “Vintar”, their seventh full-length album comes to light. I believe that the following information is of great importance and can be found on the album’s promo: “Vintar” consists of the Scandinavian word for winter “vinter” and the old German word “winter”. It is a symbolism of the union of all Germanic peoples. “Vintar” features a lyrical concept, based on Nordic mythology, a fictional lore after Ragnaroek. And so on, I’m not going to quote all of the album’s concept here, as I do think that it spoils a bit about the album’s atmosphere, which, in my humble opinion, sounds utterly interesting.




My dear friends, this is indeed an outstanding release. Such a powerful, epic and heroic album, “Vintar” sounds bestial, strong, thrilling, in a way that gives you goose bumps and makes you feel like going on to a battle. Obviously we won’t do that, but this just shows how great this release is, how the band has achieved its goal, to create prideful, authentic and dominant music. Masterfully crafted, the music is exquisite, impeccable and striking. I truly feel that “Vintar” is a beautiful, magnificent and mesmerizing release that is able to interest and allure any fan of Viking Metal that is composed with quality.




Besides the Pagan feel that is present all over the album, we have very exciting Black and Melodic Death Metal compositions, very captivating and catchy, it’s not the type of sing-along Viking music, but rather something that gives you power, strength, energy, it’s hard to explain what I’m trying to mean… I think that the music created by Obscurity uplifts your spirit, since it’s stimulating, frantic, rousing and enthusiastic. As I’ve mentioned before, this isn’t the happy metal album, but rather a “compilation” of patriotic sentiments, honor, dignity and distinction. Icy cold riffs, splendid musicianship, commendable harsh vocals and growls, intense melodies and monumental atmosphere can also describe “Vintar”.




The album’s production is also another positive aspect of this release, “Vintar” sounds very clean and polished, turning your listening experience more pleasing. I invite you all to listen to “Vintar” and if you enjoy the music, I urge you to support the band the way you are able to. There are many ways to support a band, buying their merchandise and albums are, perhaps, the most important, but if you really can’t buy the album at the present time, I ask you to find other ways to help keeping the band alive. They sure deserve it.




Promo kindly provided by Sure Shot Worx.


Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Obscurity


Album: Vintar (2014)


Label: TrollZorn




1. Schicksal der Götter

2. Naglfar

3. Nebelwelt

4. Wodanheim

5. Alter Feind

6. Vintar

7. Dominium

8. Alte Zeichen

9. Sieg oder Niedergang

10. Feld der Ehre

11. Legiones Montium


Obscurity is:


Agalaz – vocals

Dornaz – guitars

Cortez – guitars

Arganar – drums

Ziu – bass


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

November 6, 2014


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