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In my modest opinion, Orakle is one of the most underrated bands in the French scene. They have always released interesting works, deserving to be more known and acclaimed. In their own words, Orakle has always been about exploring, putting into perspective and even blurring the edges of the metal genre. Along the years, the band originating from the Paris suburbs patiently assembled the pieces of a very personal and multi-faceted approach to extreme music. From atmospheric Black Metal to an Avant-garde, Progressive and Black Metal approach, Orakle has proved to be highly creative musicians.




Although there have been some line-up changes while listening to “Eclats”, you can clearly sense that the band has not only kept their quality, but rather improved their skills. Well, this new album has come to light after seven years from the release of their sophomore album, “Tourments & Perdition”, and I truthfully feel that “Eclats” is a careful study in metal experimentation, breaking the boundaries, crafting a fine work of art. The variety of structures and moods are indeed very impressive, all resulting in a very sophisticated and elegant form of music. As for the avant-garde “side” of their music, you feel that all has a function; it is not simply throwing some weird sounds here and there.




Featuring a wide range of vocals, from a clean, melodic way of singing to a throaty, Black Metal shrieks, the songs feature so many diversities within themselves, although having some of the extreme metal elements, there are so many gorgeous moments of pure beauty and delicacy. I have mentioned many times about the diversity of this album, but I have to tell you, there are so many different elements in “Eclats”, that I find an impossible task to give you an exact description. One more time, this only shows how inventive and visionary Orakle is. You have to experience it to be fully dazzled by the absolute fantastic and extravagant work of this band.




This is not the kind of album that you can listen to while riding the metro or driving, you need to give it full attention to every little detail and it’s indeed a grower, it gets better with more listens, as you’ll be able to discover new “ingredients” in the music. Complex, refined and original, “Eclats” should please anyone that is looking for something unique, different in metal music, composed with inspiration and quality.




The production of Eclats is another fine aspect of this release, all well recorded and well balanced, making it even more enjoyable. My dear friends, I ask now to, please, give this band a chance, listen to the album, as it’s legally available at their label’s Bandcamp page, and if you happen to like them, I urge you to find a way that is possible for you at this moment in order to support and or/ promote Orakle, as they truly deserve.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Orakle


Album: Eclats (2015)


Label: Apathia Records




  1. Solipse
  2. Incomplétude(s)
  3. Nihil incognitum
  4. Apophase
  5. Le sens de la terre
  6. Aux éclats
  7. Bouffon existentiel
  8. Humanisme vulgaire


Orakle is:


Clevdh – Drums, Percussion

Achernar – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Guitars

Eithenn – Guitars

Emmanuel Rousseau – Keyboards

Antoine “O.H.M” – Guitars


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


Official Apathia Records Bandcamp:


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May 18, 2015


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