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Ordog – Trail for the Broken



I’ll just start out stating that, even though Ordog is already a respected band, they need more listeners than the ones this group already have. Founded in Tornio, Finland, in 2005, Ordog plays depressive Doom Metal with some Death Metal touches. The band released three full-length albums until 2011 (plus demos and a compilation) and, three years later, we see their “return” with “Trail for the Broken”


The album starts with a hunting/ eerie intro that reminded me some of the 70’s Italian Giallo movies. The album becomes melancholic and atmospheric with that great Doom feel when it’s done right. Every single song is well composed and features a unique touch. The piano tunes on Devoted to Loss are beautiful and well added. Sometimes you feel a bit of a Reverend Bizarre mood, but with the songs being played faster. The vocals are diverse as well, from growls to clean ones. I have to admit that, personally, I would enjoy the albums with less clean vocals.




Some might say (and actually, before listening to the album I read some reviews that stated the following) is that the album doesn’t really add anything new to the Doom Metal genre. I really don’t know what people want… do they want all albums released by all bands to be groundbreaking? I find this weird. The only thing I want is well-played and enjoyable music on the genres that I like. And Ordog, in my humble opinion, of course, managed to do this with Trail for the Broken.


This is an album that it’s not to listen every single day, you need to be into the right mood to get it, but, on the mentioned mood, it’s indeed one great Doom/ Death metal release. But it’s that same old story, if you don’t enjoy Doom Metal, melancholic music, and some Gothic feelings here and there, you won’t enjoy this album. If you like only the Stoner genre, you probably won’t like either. But if you enjoy funeral, traditional, doom metal music, there’s a high chance that you’ll also be dazzled by Trail for the Broken.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: Ordog


Album: Trail for the Broken (2014)


Label: Violent Journey Records


Track list:


1. The Trail

2. Scythe

3. The Swarm of Abhorrence

4. Devoted to Loss

5. Enter the Void

6. I Ceased to Dream

7. Abandoned

8. The Crows of Towerpath


Ordog is:


Valtteri Isometsä  –  Guitars, Bass, Drums

Aleksi Martikainen – Vocals, Keyboards

Jussi Harju  –  Keyboards

Ilkka Kalliainen – Bass

Tapio Hautalampi – Drums


Official Facebook:

Official Homepage:

June 17, 2014


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