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I’ve always had a high regard for the Polish Metal scene. Many great bands hail from this beautiful nation, in many metal genres as well, being them more well-known or underground ones; you can always find something of impressive quality in Poland. And from this country comes Outre, a Black Metal band that has a very unique sound, which début full-length album, I’ll share some words about.




This is highly impressive, brutal and amazing. The music feels like a sonic attack, well-organized, thought and planned. It’s epic and anguishing at the same time, very powerful and filled with interesting experimentations. This band, as cliché as it may sound, unleashes hell with their fast-paced, fierce compositions. Sure, there are some mid-tempo parts that build-up some atmosphere for the savage musical assault. Although, we should have in mind that this is not an album that is simply composed of noise after noise, but rather, what we have here, are intensely engaging extreme metal harmonies.




Lot has been said about some French Black Metal influences when it comes to “Ghost Chants” and I tend to agree. Perhaps the blend of Polish and French influences made me enjoy this album so much, as both are among my favorite “scenes”. The diversity here is also extraordinary, you can find many tempo changes, as I’ve mentioned before, I feel that it’s mostly fast-tempo songs, but there are many breaks within these songs, featuring slow and mid-tempo, never turning the music boring. Some Doom Metal inspirations can be found as well. Spoken parts as well as chants are also present, while you can also hear some exceptional riffage in this release. Tight drumming, strong bass playing and a outstanding vocal performance make “Ghost Chants” one of the best albums of the year.




My friends, Outre managed to release an album that is, in my modest view, simply outstanding, with no single dull second and a great production quality as well. Maybe it would be a bit far-fetched to talk about “perfection”, because it really depends on your mood, preferences and many other aspects that are perhaps too personal, but I do believe that “Ghost Chants” is close to perfection. I am sincerely stunned with this work. So, my cherished readers, please, listen to their music and if you like what you heard, I beg of you to find a way to support, to promote this band. Without a doubt an excellent release.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Outre


Album: Ghost Chants (2015)


Label: Third Eye Temple/ GODZ OF WAR




  1. Chant 1. – Departure
  2. Chant 2. – Shadow
  3. Chant 3. – The Fall
  4. Chant 4. – Lament
  5. Chant 5. – Equilibrium
  6. Chant 6. – Vengeance
  7. Chant 7. – Arrival


Outre is:


Damian Igielski – Guitars

Maciej Pelczar – Drums

Marcin Radecki – Guitars

Marcin Radecki – Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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April 15, 2015


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