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Another great release from the highly respectable label es Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions this obscure black metal band plays pure beauty through darkness. Formed in Alsace, a region that I have a deep love for, Paramnesia was founded in 2005, but only released their first EP in 2013 named “Ce que dit la bouche d’ombre” and in 2014 a split with the German band Unru. The band’s first full-length album, self-titled Paramnesia, contains “only” two songs, each one lasting about twenty minutes. Here we have songs “IV” and “V”, “I”, “II” and “III” were released on the band’s previous EP and split.


Both songs are real journeys, I know that sometimes I can repeat myself a bit, but this happens since the material I love listening to is exactly like Paramnesia plays. It’s indeed a real journey, as I said, you close your eyes and lose yourself into the music. And this is an effect that causes in me, I can’t say for others, but even though we are talking about Black Metal here, Paramnesia strangely calms me and, as I mentioned before, I lose myself away into the sound. Everything here is full of emotion, the drums, the guitars… the vocals… and as I always say, I don’t care about the technical side, what’s important for me is if the music is honest, and this is honest as can be. The songs are very ethereal and raw at the same time, fast and spontaneous, sentimental, but cold. Furious and calm.




Paramnesia is, in my humble opinion, a masterpiece. I know I could have written/typed this paragraph along with the previous one, but I feel an urge to praise this album, this band more and more and on a detached part of the review. Well, as I always say, not really a review, but rather my thoughts on music. This is true (not trying to say, hey, this is the tr00 kvlt you have to listen, I mean in the sense that it’s authentic, sincere, genuine. My personal friends are aware that I’m going through a tough phase of my life again, so much losses (lives, not small losses that you can recover soon) and I felt empty, but this record has brought emotions back to me. It may sound silly, but it’s the truth, this shows how much the album is powerful.


This is not a record for everyone, you need to listen to the album on a proper mode, on a proper mood, in a calm room, loud (as usual) and better if you’re not doing anything else, simply paying attention to the atmospheric feeling of the songs, being hypnotized by them. It doesn’t mean, at all, that you’ll get bored because the songs are long, as they’re all very multifaceted, but if you listen to this album while working on a paper, doing whatever, you’ll miss the magic.




I conclude this review with a perhaps melancholic and pessimist thought. Unfortunately I don’t think this band will never be praised as it should be. I don’t know if that’s what they want either, but there are so many horrible bands out there, still selling records and sold out venues. I just hope that Paramnesia achieves what they want and keep on releasing such fascinating, stunning music.


I had another album to review now, but I just can’t. I’ll re-listen to Paramnesia.


Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Paramnesia


Album: Paramnesia (2014)


Label: Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions


Track list:


1. IV

2. V


Paramnesia is:


Pierre Perichaud – Drums

Antonin Gerard – Guitars

Simon Barth – Bass

Thibault Bapst – Vocals


Official Bandcamp:

Label link:

June 10, 2014


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