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Release Alert: Messerschmitt – No Dread to Kill



“In the summer of 2010, five years after the split of Hematic Wrath, Maik Jegszenties (Guitars and Vocals) decided to form a new band and live out his passion for uncompromising speed and thrash metal once again. After a short while, Kristian Tamm (Drums) and Daniel Ohliger (Bass) completed the classic power trio formation and the first installment of MESSERSCHMITT was ready to rock! A couple of energetic live gigs, as well as a first demo by the name of “Demo’lition”, followed right away and heralded the arrival of a new speed metal squadron. It didn’t take long until Metalpunx Rex found out about MESSERSCHMITT and forged out a limited tape release of “Demo’lition“, while Patchman Spandex Marco, a friend of the band and fan from day one, booked the group’s first gig outside of Germany. Everything looked perfect for the release of the band’s second onslaught “Speed Demo’n” until it became obvious that bassist Daniel Ohliger and the rest of MESSERSCHMITT would go separate ways in the future. However, this little throwback did not cause the remaining members, Maik and Kris, to lose their faith and shortly after Daniel’s departure they recruited Florian Piwek, who already produced the band’s first demo, as their new bass player. With him on board, MESSERSCHMITT are back with a vengeance and more eager than ever to kick the pedal to the metal and show the world what furious oldschool thrash should really sound like! WE ARE LEGION, WE ARE FORCE!”


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August 12, 2015


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