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To begin this review I admit that I was very much excited when I got this album to review as I love experimental music. The band which I’ll share my thoughts with you, my cherished readers, today is THAW. Hailing from Poland, this Experimental Black/ Noise Metal was formed in 2010, having released their début album in 2013, self-titled and their sophomore in the current year, 2014, named Earth Ground.




This is, in my humble opinion, a very interesting release. Maybe this is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for unique material, crafted with creativity and unafraid to reach different boundaries, “Earth Ground” is the album for you. The music’s atmosphere is dark, cold and it feels fierce, piercing. There’s also a hypnotic and chilly feel all over the album. To me, this release feels like a trippy journey created by virtuous musicians that know what they are doing, what they are aiming. “Earth Ground” is a majestic, imposing and somber album.




The music itself can be described as blend of raw black metal, noise, doom and sludge, played with aggression and power. It feels like an organized chaos, featuring mid and slow tempos, as well as very fast passages. The noise parts are very well constructed, they don’t feel like “hey, let’s throw something weird here”, but rather a complement to the music. At times, this album reminded me a bit of Aborym, without the industrial elements, but, mind you, not a clone, simply a remembrance. The high pitched shrieks and brutal guitars add more impressiveness to “Earth Ground”.




When it comes to the album’s production, I believe that there’s nothing to add more than it’s not crystal-clear, but not lo-fi either. It perfectly fits the musical style that THAW has crafted. All in all, I believe that their sophomore album deserves more attention from the extreme metal community, as this is an utterly intriguing, intense and fascinating album. And I ask you to give them a chance. If you enjoy their music, please, support them the way you are able to. THAW deserves it.




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Have a good day.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: THAW


Album: Earth Ground – 2014


Label: Witching Hour Productions




1. First Day

2. Afterkingdom

3. Sun

4. No Light

5. Second Day

6. Soil

7. Winter’s Bone

8. Last Day


THAW is:


M. – Bass, Vocals

A. – Bass, Guitars, Noise

P. – Noise


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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November 13, 2014


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