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The End – You Made the Rain Disappear



The End is a one man band from India. It’s stated that among the band’s interests is making music and getting lost in a magical melancholic land and the post-black metal/ rawgaze/ experimental that The End creates is influenced by darkness, depression, suicidal thoughts, extreme sadness and melancholy. I’m giving you my thoughts on the EP “You Made the Rain Disappear” released by the band in 2013.


This is a very distant and experimental album, it feels dissonant, but not in a negative way, anarchic and paranoid, all corresponding to the states of depression and suicidal thoughts that influences the band’s creation. The EP’s atmosphere is obviously of hopelessness, sadness and anguish.


“You Made the Rain Disappear” is a D.I.Y., with a production that if it were better, the EP would get a higher grading.  I’m not saying that the work is sloppy or anything like that, but the music presented here, which is, in my humble opinion, passionate, sincere and captivating would be better enjoyed with a cleaner production. The overall feeling over this release is that you’ll either love it or hate it, as I’ve concluded after some research. I loved it.




And as I always conclude my thoughts, I ask you all to do what you are able to in other to support or help the bands that you like their music. And a final thought over “You Made the Rain Disappear” is just a personal remark over my own tastes, I’d like it a bit better with more harsh vocals or the clean ones that can be heard on the single “Across the Ocean”. Nevertheless, this is release that should be heard by fans of experimental metal.


Until next time.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: The End


Album: You Made the Rain Disappear (EP – 2013)


Label: Independent




1. Lost Memories

2. Shallow Hearts, Empty Streets (feat. tenebra)

3. Expectations (feat. isabelle garcet)

4. Ashes in the Wind (feat. uruksoth L)


The End is:


Svartblod – Everything


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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August 27, 2014


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