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Titi Niti – Schrotuzi



Another band featuring Christof Kather of the German cult act, Titi Niti is about to release a 7″ EP in about eight to ten weeks, available through  Well, if you are a regular reader of this website, I guess you have already realised that I am an admirer of his projects. I was fortuned enough to hear the preview of this new work, titled “Schrotuzi”. This band was formerly known as The True Knete, which released a split cassette tape with Schwule Nuttenbullen.


As for the sound of Titi Niti, it wanting or not, doesn’t stay far from the Japanische Kampfhörspiele, but there’s a new flavour in the music, something a bit different, maybe a little more experimental than the mentioned band. No matter what, the songs are still very powerful and eclectic, a blend musical genres, such as Grindcore and Death Metal, with an outstanding guitar work, filled with impressive riffs. The vocals are deep and well placed, while the drumming is, as always, at least until now, bombastic, from a real beast. If you are looking for heavy music, intense and straightforward, “Schrotuzi” is a must-have.




Another aspect that always catches my attention when it comes to the bands/ projects that Herr Kather is involved with are the lyrics. They have meaning and a good use of humour, at times, but created with intelligence as well. The lyrics are not simply those clichéd “messages” that we hear all the time in extreme metal/ grindcore music. In my modest view, some of them truly represent what the western society is facing.  Take, for example, “wie ein Idiot”, passages like



“Ohne Geist und ohne Herz – wie ein Idiot

Immer weiter vorwärts – wie ein Idiot
Statusmaterial anhäufen – wie ein Idiot”


With the perfect ending of the song “Möchtest du ein Butterbrot?” this is just the real deal. In fact, there are other passages which I would like to mention, especially in “Butter” and “Freiheit”, but I think I would be digressing. What I have to say is that the lyrics are always an interesting addition to their music, plus, if you are studying German, that is a good way to practise your reading skills and vocabulary, hehe.


The production is of high level, everything here is very well recorded, sounding very fine to the ears. Actually, there has not really been any problems with these musicians concerning the sound quality their releases. So, my dear friends, as I’ve already mentioned, the 7″ EP is going to be released in about ten weeks, please, check one of the songs at the official website and, if you like what you hear, I ask you to support and/ or promote Titi Niti.




Take care.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Titi Niti


Album: Schrotuzi (7″ EP – 2015)


Label: Affont-Vinyl.Com




  1. Wie ein Idiot
  2. Butter
  3. Drogen
  4. Freiheit


Titi Niti is:


Christof Kather – Drums, Vocals

René Hauffe – Guitar

Kai Koslik – Guitar

Marco Bachmann – Bass


Official Homepage:


Official Label Homepage:


Official Unundeux Homepage:


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May 20, 2015


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