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Ulvegr – The Call of Glacial Emptiness



Ukraine has, in my personal opinion, one of the most fascinating metal scenes in the world. Ukrainian Black Metal has this special touch, this different flavor that pleases my ears. Ulvegr is a Heathen Black Metal band from Kharkiv and has released three full-length albums since its formation in 2009, the latest being “The Call of Glacial Emptiness” now in 2014, which I’ll share my thoughts. The band cites Pagan Mysticism as their lyrical themes. And as for political elements, I never analyze them here on Metal Maniac, I just care and talk about the music.




First, as usual, I talk about the general feelings that I sensed over the album and the moods and atmospheres that I think are present in it. “The Call of Glacial Emptiness” feels cold, effective and ferocious. There’s an epic atmosphere all over the release, but, at the same time, exuding sheer brutality and savagery. Powerful, rich, energetic, robust and vigorous, this is a release that deserves to be heard by many extreme metal listeners.





The instrumental is simply beautiful and majestic, fast and almighty. It’s brutal, creative and skilled. You really sense that these musicians are talented and they have a deep expertise in creating well-executed music. Incredible drumming, accelerated and filled with blast-beats, hellish pagan/ heathen feel riffs, tremolo picking, bestial vocals spitting/ screaming with pride and hatred, everything sounds perfect. I am very impressed with this album and, in a way, it reminds me of some releases of incredible bands such as Hate Forest and Blood of Kingu. And as I always point out, I’m talking about a remembrance, not a carbon-copy.




The album’s production is another highly positive aspect, all being able to be enjoyed by the listeners, a big plus as it’s, in my humble opinion, of course, always great to manage to listen to all elements of the music with easiness. I finish my thoughts by inviting you all to give Ulvegr a try and, liking their music, to support them the way that is possible for you, spread the word, share their pages, talk to your friends and last, but not least, whenever you’re able to, purchase an album.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Ulvegr


Album: The Call of Glacial Emptiness (2014)


Label: Those Opposed Records




1. Oskorei

2. Crystal Tears of Sunrise

3. Mystery of the Signs

4. Storm of Ages

5. With the Heritage of Fallen Forgotten (Ones)

6. The Cult of Chaotic Spheres

7. The Call of Glacial Emptiness

8. The Breath of Dying Star


Ulvegr is:


Odalv – Drums

Helg – Guitars, Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official VKontakte:


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December 20, 2014


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