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Vivus Humare – Einkehr



Today I’m reviewing a début album that I highly appreciated. Allow me, please, to quote a small portion of the band’s biography in order for you to know what I’ll be talking about. Natives of Germany’s rich black metal scene, VIVUS HUMARE comprise members of MOSAIC as well as recently an ex-member of the late ALCHEMYST. The band formed in 2007 and released a demo, “Prolog”, in 2008, playing a number of concerts along the way and all the while diligently working on their debut album. Although plagued with various issues, at last “Einkehr” is upon us, and it is a starling work of shadow-draped mystery.




As usual, I first talk about how the album feels, how the release flows and then I’ll speak a bit more about the music. This is indeed one outstanding work, in my humble opinion, mysterious, epic, desolate and gloomy. And, although we are talking about an extreme metal band, the music Vivus Humare has crafted is beautiful, exquisite and alluring.




The music, even though it features an epic feeling all over the album, is mid-paced, with chanting, anguished screams, incredible guitar work, all brilliantly executed. I also think that the music is very atmospheric, I’m not sure if this is one of the band’s goals, but, while you listen to Einkehr, you feel like all hope is lost. The songs are very diverse; the experience doesn’t become boring at all. One more way that I personally feel while enjoying this release is that I threw myself away in a dream; I’m floating while the music is being played. And it’s great.




Last, but not least, the production of Einkehr is very clear, not completely clean, otherwise it might sound sterile, but just exactly how it should be when it comes to the music Vivus Humare creates. I ask you all, my dear readers, to give this band a chance in 2015, they really deserve much praise and more admirers and, if you also become one of them, please, support this band the way that is possible for you.




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Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: Vivus Humare


Album: Einkehr (2015)


Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede




1. Der Schmerz weckt

2. In Eos’ Antlitz

3. Auf morgendlichen Pfaden

4. Abstieg in die Tiefe

5. Traum


Vivus Humare is:


Mt. – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals

Leshiyas – Lead Guitar

Skadilvari – Drums & Percussion

IK – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals


Official Facebook:


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December 4, 2014


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