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On my search for new bands, something I try to do everyday, to discover new sounds, new music, bands that haven’t had any exposure yet, I discovered a band that I enjoyed their music immensely. The band’s name is Vragh and they hail from Serbia. There’s not too much information about them, other than you can download this album for free on Bandcamp and I tell you, if it coasted the regular CD prices, it would still be a bargain.


What called my attention about them was the description. Of course there are many bands that describe their music as something unique, wonderful, and innovative. Then, when you listen to the album, it is terrible. But I don’t give up and decided to give Vragh a try. Before I tell you my views on their release, let me share with you their description of the band’s music:


“Dive deep into 35 minutes of pure and raw metal energy of the debut release ”Iskopan” (Unburried) that will take you on a journey of discovery and fear, salvation and doom.




Vragh, a Serbian black metal band was formed in November 2013. The band’s music has a certain retro feel, but at the same time incorporates modern tendencies, with a touch of Serbian black metal spice for a unique taste. Lyrical themes deal with darkness, passion, fear, conflicts, life and death, written exclusively in Serbian.”


Oh, one more aspect I’d like to tell you before my review. The album cover did call my attention as well, it doesn’t look metal at all, but it does look stunning. I really don’t understand what this cover represents (since the lyrics are in Serbian), but I find it interesting to see something different when it comes to the cover.


And now what’s more important, the music: as I’ve mentioned before, this album really pleased me, it’s fast, powerful, there’s always something different going on. And like they’ve stated, the album is very unique and energetic. I don’t know if the musicians ever released an album before, but, being the band’s first full-length album, it’s so impressive, it sounds so professional, but still emotional. The band also stated, it was one of their goals to create original music, and I humbly conclude that they achieved this objective.




So, give the band a try, please. Help promoting their material, it’s always excellent to see bands that are out there, trying to create something new and keep the extreme metal scene alive.


Have you all a very pleasant day, afternoon, evening or night.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Vragh


Album: Iskopan (2014)


Label: Self-released




1. Grotlo

2. Okeani Lešinara

3. Huk

4. Omča

5. Iskopan

6. Svi U Grobu Jednaki

7. Opelo


Vragh is:


Member’s names/ pseudonyms not available


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

July 12, 2014


2 thoughts on “Vragh – Iskopan”

  1. HTremark86 says:

    Awesome band, I will certainly follow their further work!

  2. Flittermice says:

    Yes! I fully agree. Awesome band.
    I came here just to find a site where I can leave a positive comment.

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