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Way to End – Various Shades of Black



Way to End is one more band from the French multi-instrumentalist Vaerohn of Pensées Nocturnes’ fame and that was interviewed for this website. On this same interview he stated that “Way to End is an Avant-Garde Black Metal band in which I mainly play the bass and ensure part of the vocals. Even with the number of instruments has nothing to do with PN, WTE’s music is pretty chaotic and eccentric and I think PN’s fan should get it. I have indeed recorded “Various Shades of Black” with the band and I consider it more accomplished than Desecrated Internal Journey, even if the production is not really up to it.”


I must agree with Vaerohn, the music is chaotic, eccentric, schizophrenic and complex. Weirdly, there were a few parts of the album in which I felt in a French cabaret, even though the music remained extreme all the time. The album, for those that are unfamiliar with his works, might sound strange, but for those who have the courage to face the unknown horizon, you might reach out something spectacular, out of this world.




Like the album title, this release presents us with indeed various shades of Black Metal, neoclassical elements, atmospheric elements, acoustic guitars (not heavily used), chants, an experience that had very positive results. A few months ago I’ve read a review on this album that mentioned that it felt cirque noir, I couldn’t agree more. The music is really beautiful and creative.


In my humble opinion, the album is masterfully played, full of depravity and joy, containing various lays of vocals, interesting guitar playing, all turning to very complex and extreme music. In one thing I disagree with Vaerohn, I didn’t find the production of the album bad at all. We he didn’t actually say bad, but in my modest view, I quite like it and feel that it fits the music that Way to End plays. As I always mention on the reviews of albums I actually loved, I hope to hear new releases from this band and ask you kindly, if you can, of course, to support the band.


Until next time!


Grade: 10/10


Band: Way to End


Album: Various Shades of Black (2013)


Label: Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions


Track list:


1. Sous les rangs

2. L’apprenti

3. Evolution Fictive

4. Vain

5. Aganippe

6. La figure dansante de l’incompréhension

7. A mon ombre

8. Au fond d’un verre de poussière

9. Ixtab

10. La ronde des muses fânées

11. Various Shades of Black


Way to End is (2014):


Vaerohn – Vocals (backing), Bass

Hazard  – Vocals, Guitars


Official Facebook:

Official Homepage:

Label website:

June 15, 2014


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