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Winterfylleth – The Divination of Antiquity

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From the city of Manchester, United Kingdom, comes one of the most respected bands in the scene, Winterfylleth, in their words, Formed in 2007 with the intention of honouring England’s rich culture and heritage, Winterfylleth set a solidified mission statement to bring awareness to England’s historical stories, folklore, landscapes and ancestral past through their impassioned black metal.. Since then, the band has already released four full-length albums, the latest being in the current year, 2014, named “The Divination of Antiquity”, which I’ll share my thoughts with you.




There’s a somber, atmospheric mood on the entire album, a dark aura, but also triumphant and hypnotizing. What else can I add that I felt with “The Divination of Antiquity”? It’s a pride-inducing album, majestic and passionate, a work that is, at the same time catchy, melodic, polished and elegant, but also, at times, raw, hellish and bombastic. This is honest, poignant, ardent music, filled with hono(u)r and dignity.




As for the music, different tempos, acoustic guitars that reminded me of old Ulver… as I type this review, I’m listening again to the album and there are some (or many, perhaps) beautiful guitar works that are eargasm inducing, the music is simply stunning. You can still hear some of Drudkh’s influences here and there, but Winterfylleth has “progressed”, creating, more and more, a style of its own. The songs have this epic ambience, a feeling of distinction, glory and prestige. Concerning other aspects of the music presented on “The Divination of Antiquity”, we are able to enjoy some post-black metal elements as well, all perfectly done.




When it comes to the production, we also have another great work, well-mixed, well-balanced; you can enjoy the instruments, vocals and the intrinsic details of the songs with no effort at all. I invite you, my cherished readers, to give Winterfylleth, if you haven’t already, especially “The Divination of Antiquity”, and, if you are pleased with what you listen to, please, find a way that is possible for you to support, to help this band alive.




Take care.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Winterfylleth


Album: The Divination of Antiquity (2014)


Label: Candlelight Records




1. The Divination of Antiquity

2. Whisper of the Elements

3. Warrior Herd

4. A Careworn Heart

5. Foundations of Ash

6. The World Ahead

7. Over Borderlands

8. Forsaken in Stone


Winterfylleth is:


N. Wallwork – Bass, Vocals

S. Lucas – Drums, Vocals

M. Wood – Guitars

C. Naughton – Guitars, Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


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January 1, 2015


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