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Today I received an email from a band asking me to review their latest release. When I read the music’s description, I was excited, as it fits my musical tastes perfectly. So, I was happy to get to know one more band that plays psychedelic black metal/post-punk, but, of course, I was, at the same time, a bit skeptical, since I was afraid that it would sound the same as every band I’ve been listening to lately.


Well, here are some facts about the band before. Conjuro Nuclear was founded in the wonderful city of Barcelona in the year 2012 and on the following years has released two full-length albums, “Luna llena y radiación” (Full moon and radiation) in 2013 and the self-titled “Conjuro Nuclear” (Nuclear Incantation or Nuclear Spell) in 2014, all independently. I’m reviewing the S/T.




Well, I highly enjoyed this release. You can hear heavy use of the synths on an 80’s music feeling, sounding sometimes gothic, and a very experimental black metal with some punk influences and a very psychedelic and transcendental mood. I really liked the vocals, as it sounds very grim. The lo-fi production contributes to that 80’s nostalgic feeling and the use of his (Emesis, the sole member of the band) mother tongue adds a more special aura on the release.


There are only two aspects that I didn’t enjoy very much about this release: the first one is that the music is so good you want to listen to more, but, sadly, this album clocks only thirty minutes. The second one is that I wish I could hear the vocals better, as I’ve stated before, they do sound great, but it was recorded too low. I don’t know if it was Emesis’ intention though.




My conclusion is that this is indeed an interesting release. The music sounds different and pleasant to my ears. If you enjoy symph music, black metal, punk and crust, with a psychedelic feeling, you’ll love this album. And as I ask you, if you could share the band’s Bandcamp page to the ones you believe would like this band, please, do so. And I have another band to follow the future releases.


Take care of yourselves.


Grade: 9,4/10


Band: Conjuro Nuclear


Album: Conjuro Nuclear (2014)


Label: Self-released




1. Conjuro Nuclear

2. Oscura lisergia

3. Atomización

4. Divinorum

5. Intoxicación

6. Visiones tóxicas

7. Coros radiactivos

8. Bosque de cráneos

9. Desechos tóxicos

10. Ecos de la noche

11. Sólo para locos


Conjuro Nucler is:


Emesis – Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

July 21, 2014


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