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About Abortions is a two men Depressive Suicidal Black Metal band formed December, 2012 in Italy. The band states that their interests when it comes to music are suicide, death, mental disorders, depression, psychosis, delirium, desperation, obsessions, isolation, deep emotions, rage, self-mutilations and many more.


I believe that the growth of this genre, which I highly admire, as the regular readers of this website might know is that, unfortunately, depression is the illness of the century. It’s not a joke; it’s not something foolish, silly or gibberish. It is a real and dangerous disease that should be treated with medical help. This is something that I wouldn’t wish to my worst enemy. In fact I wouldn’t wish it to anyone, as I don’t think I have enemies.




Back to some more information about the band and then the music… About Abortions has released one demo, one full-length album and three splits. I’m reviewing the full-length album, which was released last year and is titled “Substance of my Psychosis”. The band is working on new material. Well, as for the music now, this is not an album for everyone. It’s not easy to listen because I think this deals very deeply with the most dangerous states of the mind, when depression becomes a psychosis and it lead to an insane state. That’s how I feel about the music. It’s not the “usual” Depressive Black Metal release, but, as I’ve mentioned, more related to anger, alienation and lunacy. The music is also emotional and desperate and the atmosphere is of suffocation and being trapped in a place you just want to run away. The ways the instruments are played as well as the vocals sound are very primitive, slowly transmuting the feelings of the song from a calm mood to the inquietude that such conditions can lead to. Sometimes you feel more hopeful during a song, but, just like life, it’s just momentary, a brief lapse of joy, and then reality strikes back with all the pain and suffering.


All in all, this is an album that I highly enjoyed, but, as I’ve previously mentioned, “Substance of my Psychosis” isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for an honest album, which features an atmosphere of eternal pain and solitude, with a primitive, almost ritualistic, sound and, again, being authentic, genuine, this is the release for you. If not, avoid it like the plague. As for me, I won’t, I am, in fact, looking forward to their new release.




Take care.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: About Abortions


Album: Substance of my Psychosis (2013)


Label: Independent (Physical CD by CVLMINIS – Rigorism Production)




1. Amputation of Torment

2. No More Cerebral Activity

3. Nothing in Nothingness

4. Dissolve in the Wind

5. Last Breath of Sorrow

6. White Death into the Sleep


About Abortions is:


Solitudo Cyfer – Vocals, Guitar, Bass

Thirteen Forever – Vocals, Drums, Piano


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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October 1, 2014


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