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Abreacción is an Argentinean Black/ Doom Metal band formed in 2011 in the municipality of Berisso. The band has just released their début album, self-titled Abreacción. Composed of two musicians, Abreacción focus on instrumental music. As I was advised to check them, I decided to give the band a try and, if enjoyed, review the album.




Yes, obiously I really liked this release. The fact that it was “only” instrumental worried me a bit, as I, most of the times, prefer having some vocals added to the music, even if they re sparse. But, when listening to “Abreacción”, I didn’t feel this urge, this sentiment that something is missing, not at all. The compositions are long and well paced, classic tremolos are present as well as some Post-Metal elements. The music is fast, the Black Metal parts of the songs are breathtaking. There are some reminiscences of Agalloch and Fen, so you can expect atmospheric pieces too.




As for the feelings over the release, how I “interpreted”, meaning how I felt the music,  I believe that there are some parts in which you feel some struggle, some sadness, but also some triumphant moments of hope.  I actually felt better while listening to this album, there’s no explanation why, but, after having a bad day and then listening to “Abreacción”, I felt a bit better. This is, in my humble view, music that comes from the soul, from the heart; this duo is very passionate over their creation. Obviously, this may vary, I don’t have the last word and, when it comes to feelings and sentiments over a release, it’s a very personal experience/ view.




When it comes to the album’s production, I have nothing to complain about. Clean, but not very polished that, sometimes makes the releases sound sterile. No, here another great job was accomplished. And I close my thoughts by asking you all to give Abreacción a chance and then, if you like the band, to support them the way that is possible for you.




Take care.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Abreacción


Album: Abreacción (2014)


Label: Independent/ Ocaso Otoñal Records




1. I

2. II

3. III

4. IV


Abreacción is:


Ramiro Rios – Drums

Emanuel Veja – Guitars


Official Label Website:


Official Label Bandcamp:


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October 20, 2014


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