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Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars



Ahamkara is a British Atmospheric Black Metal band from Newcastle upon Tyne. Founded in the year 2013 and composed of two musicians, they have just released the band’s début full-length album exquisitely named “The Embers of the Stars”. As the regular readers are aware, I’m a huge admirer of this genre.




This is a very dreamy, journey-driven, album, elegant and beautiful. Expansive and rich, the atmosphere created by the Brits is simply majestic, dignified and grandiose. There’s this sense of pride, of dignity and gratification. The album doesn’t feel melancholic, gloomy, at all, much like many Atmospheric Black Metal bands, but rather lively, luminous. I have to add that it’s music for party, of course. And that’s how I feel over the music, my modest views, experiences can obviously be different.




As for the musical aspect itself, I believe I can detect some old Ulver and In the Woods… influences, but the band doesn’t copy them, I truly believe they have their own brand. Synths, tremolo picking, aggressive and gentle at the same time guitars and awesomely fitting shrieks complete the “package”. It’s really an interesting and different release; I completely enjoyed the music created by Ahamkara. And another aspect that I have to make clear is that, even though there are only four songs in this release, all of them are long, but never boring.




The album’s production is very satisfying, nothing more to be observed here. A valuable job. And I ask you, my cherished readers, to check out Ahamkara’s “The Embers of the Stars” and if you are pleased with what you heard, find a way to support this band, to help them go on. If you can’t buy the album now, spread the work, share their pages, there’s plenty to do in order to support the bands you like.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Ahamkara


Album: The Embers of the Stars (2014)


Label: Independent/ Bindrune Recordings




  1. Midwinter’s Hymn
  2. On the Shores of Defeat
  3. Lamentation of a Wraith
  4. To Invoke the Stars Themselves


Ahamkara is:


Michael Blenkarn – Guitars, Keyboards, Programming

Steve Black – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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January 9, 2015


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