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Austria is the home of some of the most interesting and unique extreme metal bands. The quality of many of these bands are simply overwhelming, in my modest opinion, of course. I do not think it is needed to mention which ones, as I believe many of you have in mind which musicians I am talking about. Featuring names that are members, or former members, of some of these groups, Amestigon has been a truly underrated band. Their compelling, outstanding Black Metal approach results in fascinating and genuinely talented compositions.




In their latest release, “Thier”, Amestigon presents us with a magnificent dark and distressed atmosphere, cold, and yet alluring riffs, a haunting aura that entices you in an obscure outlook, desolate and lugubrious. It is indeed amazing to see how the band manages to keep the high level of excellence during the entire release. It feels like their music is enchanting you, almost trapping you in hypnotizing and dazzling aura that you cannot escape. A gloomy, sombre beauty, which seduces you in this mysterious work of art.




Although it may “only” sound that this is a purely atmospheric album, no, there are also aggressive parts, with ravishing riffs, exceptional drumming… the vocals are spending, surreal, almost like a guide to this occult journey. At many times forgotten in Black Metal efforts, the bass playing here is distinguishing. Another aspect that should be added as well is that, the four songs are long, but there is not one single moment of dullness and neither feels too repetitive. The epic mood that is also a part of “Thier” is also to be regarded as well. This, in my humble opinion, clearly shows how talented and inventive Amestigon is.




This album requires a lot of attention to be savoured in its whole geniality, artistry, charm and elegance. It is one of those works that you take your time from every day’s problems and obligations and to let yourself be taken away by this captivating masterpiece. You will find many, many moments of utmost brilliance and spectacular performance. I can safely state that, at least in my book, this is legitimately one of the best album of the year, carefully crafted even in its small details.




As for the production, all sounds clear, enabling you to enjoy fully this stunning tapestry of extreme metal greatness. All I have left to say now is that if you have the slightest interest in original, provocative and intriguing music, you should try listening to Amestigon. There are legal ways to do it so, via Bandcamp, and, if you happen to agree with some of my simple words, I urge to to, please, support and/ or promote the band in any form that is possible for you at the present moment.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Bands: Amestigon


Album: Thier (2015)


Label: World Terror Committee




  1. Demiurg
  2. 358
  3. Thier
  4. Hochpolung


Amestigon is:


Tharen – Drums, Vocals, Keyboards

Wolf – Guitars

Lanz – Guitars, Bass

Silenius – Vocals


Official Bandcamp:


Official Facebook:


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June 4, 2015


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