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An Autumn for Crippled Children – The Long Goodbye



First all, my friends, I’m happy to be able to share my thoughts here. Some of you know that the website wasn’t active because I had a very serious lung problem, life threatening, and I had to go through five surgeries. After almost a month in the hospital, many of this time in an Intensive Care Unity, I am here, healthy again, with no other problem whatsoever other than expanding my lung with swimming and tennis. So, I’m glad I’m fine and, again, able to share with you some of my opinions. Anyways, forgive me as I still have a long way to be back in shape when it comes to “reviews”, but, hey, they represent what I feel.




Today, the 23rd of February, one of my favorite bands released a new album. I admit that I had no idea they were working on a new one, since I was very busy preparing my new studies for a foreign University, then I took some vacations to Hungary and Austria and, afterwards, the horrible surprise that was my pulmonary problem. And I’m quite embarrassed of this because I truly admire their music. Fortunately, I am listening to their latest album now. I am talking about the Dutch band “An Autumn for Crippled Children”. Bleak paintings of the sky since 2009 represented in four amazing full-length albums, they return with “The Long Goodbye”.




As usual, I prefer to give a general feeling of the music played here. I’ll be quite direct, in my humble opinion; this is An Autumn for Crippled Children’s best work so far. Emotional, chaotic and coherent, desolate and enchanting, the compositions make me feel like I’m going through a melancholic journey, but never clichéd or hoary. The fuzzy guitars and the atmosphere give you the sensation of warm music, beautiful and intense. There’s passion for what the musicians are creating. Even though there’s a melancholic texture, as I’ve mentioned before, many parts of this release are actually uplifting, especially the dreamy symphs. Undoubtedly, when it comes to this humble guy’s opinion, we have a profound, outstanding piece of art. “The Long Goodbye” works better a “whole”, I sincerely believe that it’s not one of those releases that you pick one or other song to have an impression.




Speaking about productions for me is a difficult task since I don’t really mind it, as long as you’re able to hear the music, it’s all right. Obviously I do enjoy better productions more, but it’s not something that I “demand”. But, I don’t think anyone would be bothered by An Autumn for Crippled Children’s “The Long Goodbye”. You’ll perfectly listen to every single detail of the art they have crafted, the anguished vocals as well as the sorrowful and dreamy instrumentals. I can’t praise it enough.




I invite you all to have an open mind and check “The Long Goodbye”. It proves that experimental music doesn’t have to be simply “weird”, but rather well-composed, recorded and to be passionate. If you enjoy it, then I urge you to support the band the way that you are able to.




Until next time.


Grade: 10/10


Band: An Autumn for Crippled Children


Album: The Long Goodbye (2015)


Label: Wicker Man Recordings




  1. The Long Goodbye
  2. Converging Towards the Light
  3. A New Form of Stillness
  4. Only Skin
  5. When Night Leaves Again
  6. She’s Drawing Mountains
  7. Endless Skies
  8. Gleam
  9. The Sleep of Rust


An Autumn for Crippled Children is:


Td – Bass, Keyboards

Chr – Drums

Mchl – Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

February 24, 2015


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