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An interview with Dekadent…

01 – I’d like to thank you for taking your time to answer our interview here on the MetalCast Show. It is with great pleasure that we present you guys here. Please, I ask you know to introduce Dekadent to our readers.


Gajwasz: Dekadent is Slovenian Black Metal band (some may disagree, cause there is a lot of freedom in our songwriting, means we do not consider every Black Metal rule, but it’s still most dominant style after all). Group consists of four members – Artur (vocals, guitars), Gajwasz (guitars), Typh (drums) and our newest member Drouth (bass guitar). Until now we have released three records “Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding”, “The Deliverance of the Fall” and latest “Venera: Trial And Tribulation”.


02 – The band has released a new album in 2011 titled “Venera: Trial & Tribulation”. Tell us how the recording process was and how was the response from the fans for far.


Artur: As with previous Dekadent releases, I had the honor of producing and recording the new album. We went to a couple of different local studios to record drums and guitars, while the majority of material was created in our own studio.


The sound of our latest album is really raw, but defined and our fans have accepted Venera very warmly.


Gajwasz: Response was really great! I think we didn’t get any bad reviews anywhere.


03 – Looking back at Dekadent’s previous releases, how do you compare “Venera: Trial & Tribulation” to “The Deliverance of the Fall” and also “Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding”?


Artur: I think it is really the first proper or normal Dekadent album. While “Manifestation …” was more or less a demo, and “The Deliverance of the Fall” was really a different kind of project and a concept album, “Venera …” took off from our debut. It has that typical Dekadent songwriting and vibe for which I think we are, or will become known for.


04 – Dekadent has released many videos to support its albums. And they are indeed very qualitative. Do you have a professional involved in the development of these visual concepts or you do it completely on your own? Also, tell us how important are these videos for the band and how do you come up with the ideas behind them.


Artur: We are lucky enough to work in the field of video professionally. That is how we manage to create Dekadent videos quickly and just as we want them to be. Videos are definitely an important part of our creative portfolio. We do not complicate much around the story, because all of our songs are very illustrative. I am sure our listeners comprehend the songs in that way and are satisfied with the videos we have made so far.


05 – MetalCast Show/ Marcus – Your debut album, Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding, was partly written in Slovenian. Why did the band decide to write lyrics in English? Also, is there a chance for you to release new songs in Slovenian?


Artur: Personally, I always found English way easier to use when writing lyrics. But I wanted to showcase my fellow countrymen that Slovenian can be used in extreme metal and be very effective, raw and sincere. Later on I did not find the need in writing lyrics in Slovenian language. But I am seriously thinking on reviving the idea for the next album.


06 – Connected to the previous question, still on the lyrical aspect, what does inspire the band when it comes to writing lyrics? Any works of fame that you can mention to us? Also, for someone that isn’t familiar with your lyrics, what do they mostly deal with?


Artur: Since I write all the lyrics I can plainly state that I am mostly inspired by everyday events. Truly, nothing gives me greater wish for writing than emotional occurrences and relations I have with people around me. Dekadent songs mostly deal with love and hate, about women, politics and religion.


07 – Again, for a person that didn’t know Dekadent before reading this interview, which of the band’s albums you think would be the best one to start with?


Gajwasz: Last one pretty much sums up the band and in which way we are heading. But material is very varied from record to record. So if you like polished sound and epic/atmospheric passages “The Deliverance of the Fall” is for you. “Manifestation of Seasonal Bleeding” is very raw, and last one is right in the middle of those two, production-wise. We are pretty satisfied with sound on last record, cause it maintains the raw edges of early and epic strength of later material at the same time. It is surely most straightforward record we have done so far.


08 – Dekadent has been through many line-up changes during its history, but still managed to keep a very strong act. How did the band deal with the line-up changes and how hard it is to deal with that?


Artur: True. I never expected anyone to volunteer in helping me out with Dekadent, but later on  I never obstructed anyone from leaving. It is still more or less my brainchild and I can not force anyone in devoting more time into it than they can. Current line-up seems very strong and willing, so I hope no one abandons the ship this time, haha.


Gajwasz: I’m in band for more than a year now, but we have known each other for quite a few years now. Energies are flowing well and goals seem to be mutual. From my point of view everything is going really great.


09 – I would like ask you if Dekadent ever took or would ever take an advice or even criticism to adapt the songs in some sort of way to the suggested manner… being it about the sound or the content of the songs.


Artur: Sure, any advice is welcome and accepted. The other question is, if we would follow that advice, haha. Dekadent is an underground band and we have that liberty of not taking shit from anyone. It is just the way it is, and that is our way.


10 – And now concerning your live shows. How do you describe a Dekadent gig? Are there any plans in the future for some live shows? And, perhaps this should have been asked before, do you guys like playing live, hehe?


Gajwasz: Yeah, of course we like playing live. Dekadent is a live band and we play as much as possible (not very much though). This year we had just a couple of concerts, because of line-up changes and lack of time. With our new bass player aboard, I hope next year will be much more productive as far as live shows go.
Oh, about describing our usual gig … I would say that interplay between darkness and light, clashing of opposites … It is the best way of putting it.


11 – How do you feel about the musical industry for the underground bands nowadays? How hard is it to be able to tour, release an album, to promote the band?


Artur: Dekadent is dealing with this exact shit on a daily basis. We have constant problems with our (non-metal) label, we have no overview on what exactly is going on. Right now, digital releasing seems to be a good way for newcomers, but I am not sure if this is what Dekadent is looking for. Dekadent is still looking for someone who would represent us passionately and get our stuff out there. We have a lot of fans who don’t even know where to buy our stuff physically. Anyone can download our albums, by getting them via iTunes or whatever, but mostly, black metal fans want the hard copy.


12 – Still on the underground subject as well as concerning the Slovenian music scene itself, we hear a lot about the avant-garde group Laibach… How do you see the Slovenian metal underground scene? Do you feel that it’s getting stronger with time?


Gajwasz: Underground scene is very strong here. We have a lot of bands with every genre of metal covered. But I think that from such a small country as is ours, there must be one band who starts the wave of interest in certain scene and we are still waiting for someone to be recognized worldwide. We have some outstanding bands and I think we are one of them, respectively.


13 – This is a question that I always read and hear many different opinions. Many musicians are against “illegal downloads” and state that they are harmful for the bands as well as the labels. What is your opinion on this?


Gajwasz: We are not creative because of money, but because we love doing it. So this is not big obstacle for us. We are not (yet) very well known band, so with every illegal download there is a chance, that we get another admirer of our work. But of course, it’s still nice if someone buys our record. In the end, even we are collectors of music and always buy the albums and therefore support those bands that we really like.


14 – I enjoy asking the musicians I interview about the countries and cities. I have to say that I love travelling around the world, so this might be the reason, hehe. I’ve always been fascinated with Eastern Europe and, in the future, I would really love to visit Slovenia. Please, tell us about your nation in general as well as what we can not miss at all when visiting Slovenia.


Gajwasz: If you have a car, you can travel across our country in a few hours. For example we, from capital city of Ljubljana, can in approximately one hour choose whether we want to go to sea or mountains or to any of our neighbour countries hehe. Even though over half of country is covered by forest, there is plenty to see here. Some specific locations are capital city Ljubljana, well known city of Bled, our only national park of Triglav (named after our highest mountain). And for hardcore metalheads here are a lot of medieval castles.


15 – One more time I’d like to thank you for this interview. It is with a lot of sincerely wish Dekadent and its members the best for 2012 and beyond. Do you have any last words for our readers?


Artur: Thank you for supporting Dekadent, demand is in your town. We will come!


Gajwasz: Thanks for this interview and support, really appreciate it! Check out our latest record, while we are preparing new material. Also, check out our official website ( and facebook page (


April 14, 2014


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