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An interview with Falkenbach…

This interview was supposed to be released a few months ago, but Vratyas had some personal problems to take care of as well as was too busy and it took some time to answer it. I’d like to thank him for not forgetting this interview and also for finding time to answer it. It is very hard to find people that are this commited nowadays. One more reason to admire Falkenbach even more.


01 – I’d like to thank you very much for taking your time to answer our interview. I am aware that you are very busy right now and I deeply appreciate this. Please, introduce yourself to our readers/ listeners.


The 1st tape of Falkenbach was done in ´89, followed by several more tapes. In ´95 the 1st album was released, the 6th, most recent one, Asa, was released at the end of 2013.


02 – First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for the release of Asa. In my humble opinion, it is such an exquisite work of art, well balanced between beauty and power. Can you tell us a bit about the production of the album as well as how would you rank among all of your releases? Also, how was the response from the fans so far?


The production didn´t change too much compared to the former albums. As always, we changed some minor details, for example some aspects about the bass and drums. To me personally, all albums and tapes are equally important, so I cannot really rate one single album in comparison to the others. Apart from that, nevertheless Asa has been, and still is somehow different to me.


03 – Asa has more blackened songs, differently from Tiurida. Why did you decide to return to the “older roots” (something I was quite pleasant with) and do you predict that, in the future, you will still release blackened songs?


There was no such decision, there´s never a plan about such things in advance. Songs just come to my mind, no matter of rather rough, fast or slow, they just have to feel right. And right isn´t a question of such things. Same goes for future songs, I never know in advance what´s going to happen. To most of the people, mainly those who don´t know about those tapes which are done beside the CDs, it might feel like a „back to the roots“, but actually it isn´t. There´re always songs with different characters.


04 – Concerning Asa’s lyrics, could you tell us the concepts and inspirations behind the release of this new album?


To be honest, I prefer to let people read the lyrics and make up their own minds about such things.


05 – I believe that the lyrical video of Eweroun was pure beauty (just like the album). How satisfied are you with it? There are some great tribute videos to Falkenbach around the internet, videos that truly fit Falkenbach’s musicial mood, are you familiar with those? Do you feel like releasing a new video whenever Falkenbach releases a new album or even for Asa?


The video for Eweroun itself can´t be seen as a typical music-video. The visual part is just an aspect to support certain aspects of the music and lyrics somehow. I´ve seen some of those youtube-clips, but probably not all of them, I guess. A new video, well, I am not sure. For Asa certainly not, and for future releases, hm…probably depends on the question if Prophecy Prod is asking for one. Personally I do not really need a video, but there´s also no problem with it for me.


06 – Still on Falkenbach’s music, you have been playing for many years and always managed to keep your music innovative. You listen to a certain song and you immediately knows that is Falkenbach, yet you’re never repetitive. Seriously, how do you manage to do that?


I really cannot answer this question. As a matter of fact, I am not able to create something different from what Falkenbach stands for, not even if I wanted to, I guess.


07 – I’ve read of the official Facebook page something that many of us have been expecting for years: Falkenbach playing live. It seems that you’ve found some solutions for some problems that you’d probably face. What can you tell us about it as well as about playing live and also, what do you expect from the people attending Falkenbach’s show? Also, is there one Falkenbach song in particular that you really would like to play live?


We´re still in the process of finding solutions for a couple of questions, but we´re still doing our best to make this happen in the future. About playing live itself I didn´t make up my mind exactl so far. We didn´t even rehearse up to now, and I guess it´s too early to think about details on stage.


08 – This is a question you surely have answered before, but perhaps your opinions could have changed… Falkenbach exists for over two decades. After so many years, with six acclaimed full-length albums released, what motives you to keep on going?


That´s a question I am asking myself sometimes, too, and to be honest, I´ve been thinking about quitting releasing CDs more than once meanwhile.


09 – You are signed now to, in my humble opinion, one of the best labels out there, Prophecy Productions, not only when it comes to being professional with the musicians (that’s what I’ve heard from them), but also with the costumers (and no, I’m not being paid by them, not even some free albums, hehe). Have you been satisfied with their work so far? How do you compare them to your previous label?


So far, things are ok, but it´s to early to say, I think. To really rate such a cooperation, we should wait 1-2 years, to see how things turned out. Up to now, things are mainly fine.


10 – There are some questions I always ask because I think many people would like to know what some of the personal views from the musicians are. The next three questions are among those. Music is truly important for many people. It is said that music is the soundtrack of our lives (and it’s true). It helps them to go on through hard times. I personally have a very stressful work and life and when I listen to some bands (Falkenbach included), this helps me to go on, to gain more strength, simply to hang on. How do you feel when you get to know that your music has helped and still helps people to forget about their problems, to go through a tough phase?


The feedback from people, and I am not talking about reviews etc, ranks amongst the really important things for me.


11- Lately we have Bandcamp, Spotify… Prophecy Productions streams completely for free during a period of time their releases, but, still, the amount of illegal downloads is always increasing (of course we have to also understand that the world is facing a terrible economical crisis, but even before that, illegal downloads were already a big problem). What is your view concerning this matter?


I can´t change this, and people are doing whatever they want to. If people think, it´s -support- for a band to updoad songs for free, I can´t do too much about it. As soon as the first album makes a loss, I´ll stop releasing CDs, no matter if there´s a million free downloads. I am more than fine with doing limited tapes in the future, too.


12 – One more of the few personal questions I’m asking you. Even though I’m not a religious person or even a spiritual one, I do like to study spirituality, esoteric themes, old and new religions (organized or not) and to know what are the people’s views about such subjects. I’m not going to ask you your views on organized religions or anything like that, but rather: do you believe in some sort of superior or superior beings? Could you share with us your views on spirituality, god (s) and organized religion?


To explain this in details would take far too much time, I guess, and apart from that, I am also not into talking about such things in public, to be honest. But for sure personally I am not into any kind of organized comunities, moreover not religious ones. To me, this is something personal, I don´t need other people around me at that topic.


13 – A few questions about the man behind Falkenbach regarding his/ your musical and movie tastes. What have you been listening lately? And what kind of music/ bands/ musicians are you interested outside the metal world? Do you enjoy cinema? I personally love many German movies and directors, do you have favorites?


I haven´t been to a cinema for about 10 years, simply because I am not into movies in general, I think. The last thing I´ve listened to were old Falkenbach tapes, which I recently tried to transfer to my pc, including work on restaurations etc. Apart from Falkenbach I do not listen to metal in general that much.


14 – And we reach the end of this interview. I’d like to thank you one more time for this, I’ve always wanted to interview the mastermind of a band I highly admire its music for many years. Any last words for our readers/ listeners?


Thanx for your patience and support!

April 14, 2014


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