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An Interview with Goatpenis…

Initially I’d like to thank you very much for taking your time to interview an underground legendary band. I deeply appreciate this. Please, I’d like to start this interview by asking you to present yourself to our readers.


Sabbaoth – Thanks a lot for the opportunity here. I appreciated you called us as a legendary band due the fact we’re not well recognized in our own country.  I adopted “Sabbaoth” as a nick name when we started Goatpenis in 1992. I´d prefer to keep my hidden identity cause I never wanted to be a known person or take advantages over it.  By the way, “names” are not important.


Before we talk about the music that Goatpenis produces, I’d like to start with the band’s ideologies and thoughts over a few things. What I find funny nowadays is that anyone can say anything over the internet and it becomes a truth. Lies become truths. We can clearly see such things happening in history, but with the internet, this has become much more powerful. Goatpenis has stated MANY TIMES THAT THE BAND DOEN’T SUPPORT ANY FLAG OR POLITICAL IDEOLOGIES. But you keep reading and reading on many websites, most of them very poorly done or written that the band is neo-Nazi. And what I find funny is that some bands that had open connections with this ideology are even famous nowadays and no one brings this subject to them. What do you have to say about it and aren’t interested in taking action against the people that defames Goatpenis?


Sabbaoth – Our “ideologies” are about historical battles and artillery. It really pleases us as researchers and History lovers. By that, I believe dozen of people think we are “Nazis”.  We have more lyrics on Stalin and the Red Army than other one. Vietnam, Roman Empire etc are also included in our lyrics.  Just CHECK our lyrics ok? It’s misunderstood and lack of information.


Lyrically speaking, the Goatpenis presents us a work of chaos, war, mankind destruction, hatred. What works have influenced you as a human being as well as a musician, when it comes to creating your lyrics?


Sabbaoth – We basically read pre-Socratic philosophy. The thinkers from ancient times. Works by Machiavelli, Marquis de Sade, Heraclitus, Clausewitz, Sun Tzu are some source of good inspiration. It doesn’t mean we are real “terrorists”. We narrate historical facts. Some people asked us if we already killed people. That’s stupid!


Musically we try to listen to several sources of music. From Classical to brutal industrial war metal. We always look for the originality at all. I hate bands who make a photocopy from others bands and that sounds exactly the same. They are frustrated XEROX!!!


And a question that I’m certain that you have been asked before, the name of the band. Many people might think that it’s something simplistic or only for shock value. I do believe that there’s a message behind it. Please, tell us how you came up with this name as well as what it actually means.


Sabbaoth – Sure we have. Well, in some cultures penis is considered a symbol of power, masculinity, strength and domination. Other cultures, for instance, use penis to insult, provoke, and debauchery to religion and art. Sigmund Freud wrote very interesting concepts and definitions about it. That called me attention to use it as a band´s name. We opted for GOATPENIS, initially due its STRONG “accent” and chocking it would be as a War Grind metal band. Most of bands got weird names. I believe the songs are much more important than the logo or the name meaning.


Is the band working on new material? And if you are/ or about to, please, let us know if the sound will be a continuation of Depleted Ammunition or Biochemterrorism. Also, for someone that might be reading this, but isn’t familiar with your music, enlighten us about the Grind War Metal music.


Sabbaoth – Always. We’re rehearsing and will soon record our new album. Probably July 2014. It will sound totally different from both. It´s more dense and got some electronic intros and narrated vocals on it. I can tell you it´s an aggressive grind with very heavy grotesque transitions.


We will re-record and include “Master Blaster” and “Final Atomic Battle” from Jesus Coward (demo tape) into this new stuff.  It will be totally scourging!!!


Speaking of your releases, the recording quality of your albums has tremendously increased since the release of Inhumanization. It’s not something over-polished, as we’d expect and would like for the music Goatpenis plays, but it’s actually very good.  To what do you credit this?


Sabbaoth – We try to keep the pattern among each release. We really like our music with non over polished sound and it will be there till the end. This kind of music needs it.


The band has played around Europe and the United States. How was this experience? Were your expectations met? Is Goatpenis planning to play some shows around Europe, North or South America?


Sabbaoth – That was NASTY. We were completely pleased and satisfied with all the shows we played in Europe and USA. We are planning to play in Europe next December 2014 but not sure yet. To South America maybe 1 or 2 gigs also no dates.


Something that I always wondered is that you all must have regular works, especially when people get to know you, they can clearly see a very cultured man, also families, etc. Even though the band uses, many times, masks/ gas masks, some of the people in your lives must know about the work with Goatpenis. How do they cope with this? Are they reasonable about it? Especially when it comes to co-workers.


Sabbaoth – We avoid talking about our lifestyle out of our work. It doesn’t matter to ordinary people about what we do at weekends. They will NEVER understand it and no need to explain.  We are restricted men and we don’t mix professional life with rock and roll lifestyle!


Not counting metal, could you share with us some of the music you prefer listening to? I am aware that you enjoy classical music as well as soundtracks. Please, tell us your favorite ones.

Sabbaoth – Yes!!! I listen to classical music all the time. Great composers as Bach, Paganini, Beethoven, Prokofiev, Mussorgsky, Stravinsky and lots of. Some soundtracks are memorable. Conan, Deathwish, Rosemary’s Baby and so on. It really pleases me.


In addition to the previous question, I believe you also enjoy movies very much. I’m not 100% sure of this, but you’ve shared some pictures of great classics. Do you enjoy movies and what are your favorite ones?


Sabbaoth – Yeah. I believe the 80´s and 90´s were more productive talking about movies and music. I don’t like the nowadays movies as I used to enjoy that time. I do prefer dramas and war movies. Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Full metal Jacket, Conan, Mad Max, Alien, Predator, Terminator are clichés but… I can’t avoid to tell you they are excellent as entertainment ones!


The band has been playing for over two decades. You battle against gossips, the difficulties of the underground, and many other problems that most bands deal with. What is the driving force that motivates you on keep composing music, on keeping Goatpenis alive?


Sabbaoth – First of all we play to please ourselves. We don’t care about the possible problems we have to face. We LOVE playing and rehearsing. I can’t imagine myself staying at home without composing and meeting my partners. Something that motivates us to keep working hard is the large friendship we got during these all long years. It’s fantastic.


Thank you very much once again for your answers. I’ve always wanted to interview Goatpenis, but never had the chance before and I, as mentioned. Deeply regard this moment. Do you have any last words for our readers?


Sabbaoth – Never mind the lost time brother. Now we are here and I hope I could fulfill your questions and those who will read it finally perceive that our work is serious and we don’t play for status but ENERGY. Thanks a lot and see you around!!!!!

April 30, 2014