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An interview with Nargaroth…

1 – First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking your time to answer this interview for the MetalCast Show website. I don’t think introductions are needed concerning Nargaroth. I’ve read on your official website about the “rusty iron of bigotry” and that you believe that Nargaroth has prevailed. I start the interview by asking how things are over there in Germany.

Hard to say. I live very rejected on my own, avoid contact to the scene or other musicians. But even outside the BM-Scene exist honorless persons who try to kill NARGAROTH, because they are “normal” persons who don’t understand anything about this valuable art. I can’t get into details because the process is still going.

2 – It’s a known fact that Nargaroth will release a new album soon, but I think that Jahreszeiten is still something that should be discussed. Personally I find that 2009 was very good for Black Metal because of the creativity and intensity of Jahreszeiten as well as the triumphant return of Gorgoroth with Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt. How was the response from the listeners concerning Nargaroth’s latest album?

As always: divided. For one half it’s the best NARGARTH album ever or the best in 2009, for others its total crap. I live with these 2 antagonized judgments towards my album pretty well. It touches people – in one way or the other. Better than the indifference on which so many other bands fail.

3 – For those that don’t know, but are interested, what’s the concept behind Jahreszeiten and what did you want to achieve with this master work?

In the album I am dealing with seasonal changes as exemplified by the seasons of the year, the emotional peculiarities and mental representations of which reflected in the musical-melodic progression of the individual songs. As for the lyrics, it deals with the dynamics of dyadic human relationships, which essentially influence – if not outright cause – mundane fates, single tragedies but also the destinies of entire world empires. I dare say that I’d be surprised if not the one or other willing listener is going to find himself in one of the poems of this album. And I express regret for that creature who can not – or tries to repudiate it! The CD version of the SEASON ~ album does not represent the complete work of art because I won’t grant the download-ridden shit scene my thoughts and works by such easy means, which they consume like fast food. Listeners who permanently ignore or leave out the monologues don’t do justice to the art nor prove to be worth it.

4 – I read an interview in which you ranked your favorite Nargaroth albums: Semper Fidelis, Prosatanica Shooting Angels and Geliebte des Regens. You explained the reasons as well. Has this changed and if so, where does Jahreszeiten rank and why?

Still behind them.

5 – You’ll release a tour album especially for Latin America. Please, tell us, if possible, what will be on this album concerning songs, countries that those songs were recorded, photos, anything you’d like to.

It’s a Tour Album that contains live shoots and recordings. In 2009, before the 1st Latin American Tour, I thought about to give NARGAROTH up. The European scene is dead! Lies, rumors, idiot internet-kids everywhere – there is no honorable place in BM anymore where I could dwell. But during the Latin American tour, with the fire of passion towards NARGAROTH – they enlightened the spark in me again. And I am grateful for that. It’s my personal gift to them.

6 – Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare is the title of the new Nargaroth album to be released. I heard the sample and I must say that I’m really looking forward to listening to it. When is it going to be released? Also, how’s the recording process so far?

It will be released in April 2011 I guess. I rec. all instruments on my own and now I prepare he vocals as well as the CD layout.

7 – Still about Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare. What can you tell us, in advance, about it? Is it comparable to the previous releases or will it be completely different?

No, it’s incomparable to my previous albums. It contains only 4 guitar songs. The rest are ambient, dark and forcing songs. I made them during the recording of my last album “Jahreszeiten”, as I had a synthesizer to create the spheres for this album. But even you find synth-songs on the next album; I made it in the highest tradition of the art Black Metal. Spheric ambient elements had been a part of Black Metal since the beginning. I do not mean just BURZUM. Awesome strong intros or middle-atmospheric songs had been on almost every demo in the times between 1993 – 1997. And I always loved it! Even in NARGAROTH I made this before, since the first demo. These spheres create the magical side of the art, while guitars take the brutal or sad/weeping periods. And as long as I see in Black Metal the best way to express all human emotions I will do so. And when I look back in NARGAROTH and read the letters I get from passionate people, I see that I did it well! But I am very sure that again some people will love it – while other will say it’s the last crap ever. But when a musician isn’t able to stand above such, he is totally wrong placed in BM. And NARGAROTH isn’t just a short-time flame in BM like so many crappy shitholes.

8 – I’d like to ask you what does inspire you when it comes to creating your music and writing lyrics. What is the driving force that leads you to create music?

I get always inspired by my self-reflection. I made 5 years a psychoanalysis as therapy during my education to psychotherapist. That was a main impact in my life. And a main source of my lyrics and my creativity.

9 – Connected to the previous question, are there any mystical or mythical works of fame which you have found inspiring?

The nature and Myself.

10 – Throughout Nargaroth’s discography you have presented a very wide range of emotions. You can sense the despair, hatred, some sadness, insanity, melancholy… Do you intend to continue to interweave these various themes/ emotions in your music or do you pretend to focus on single theme/ feeling someday?

I say since 15 years the same: From the beginning, it was clear and known that NARGAROTH is dealing with the – or my – fallible humanity. Anybody who did not realize this since Rasluka Part II and the poems contained therein has no business in the circle of my critics! And whatever is created by human beings is also subjected to their weaknesses and tainted by the dangers of human features. Constructive and destructive ones. I have always held the opinion that Black Metal has the potential of giving room for and allowing to express those human shallows but also developments. And I still think so. And NARGAROTH is an example for this. Black Metal is a unique art which allows us to express all kinds of human emotions – that’s a gift. And as I said my inspirations are my self-reflexions. And they are always filled with real emotions and real considerations of human nature. So NARGAROTH will always deal with these topics. Always.

11 – What are your feelings and thoughts when you get to know that a person indentifies himself or herself with your lyrics/ music and that the band’s releases have actually helped them to go through a rough time or that, at least, they forget about the troubles while listening to Nargaroth? Have you ever thought about this?

This is the greatest gift for me as man and as musicians. I get letters from all over the world. People write me their life-stories, their suffering and pain and tragedies. And how NARGAROTH helped them to keep going, to save their marriage and have a family. I get invitations to weddings; get letters and picture of couples and families who named their child after me. Parents ask me to come by because their kid (daughter) has a deadly sickness and wanted to see me before her death. All these and many other things shows me, how important NARGAROTH is for many people and that aside all my stupid-things that I did, there is something good in my life. And their feelings are my salvation! All this gossip and lies talkers in internet know in reality nothing about me or NARGAROTH. They never have seen this truth and this passion. They are too blind for the real Black Metal, for the big competence of Black Metal. There are just blind short timers, who will abandon Black Metal with the end of their adolescence. All the lies about NARGAROTH in the internet does not reflect the reality of NARGAROTH, but the empty souls of nowadays BM kids and the worthless value of the present scene.

12 – I am aware that you have been asked this question many times, but what do you personally think about the current Black Metal scene? Sadly it’s full of gossips (no space for gossips here), many betrayals (one of them being very notorious concerning a band mentioned in this interview)… do you believe that there’s still hope for the underground at least? What about the German scene? There were some great bands like Moonblood, for example, is there any band besides Nargaroth that carries the torch of the great old German Black Metal bands?

Moonblood does not exist anymore since so many years. What I think about the scene is known and readable in my answer before. I do not play in Germany anymore since 1999 because they don’t deserve it!

13 – Nargaroth’s shows are intense, filled with power. I actually never believed that I would see the band live some day and fortunately I was wrong. Talking about the show itself, what do you expect from the people that are attending it as well as what can they expect from you?

The people will see what they were looking for. But at least they see an authentic creature on stage

14 – One aspect that I find very enjoyable is that Nargaroth is playing many shows for quite a while now. To what do you credit touring more nowadays and even to far way countries?

I am a traveler. I travel the whole world with my backpack. And touring is in some way a travelling adventure.

15 – You have played in Latin America in 2008, 2009 and 2010. What does attract you in the Latin American continent? Also can the Latin American Nargaroth maniacs expect a new tour in 2011 or maybe in 2012?

As I already said in 2009, before the 1st Latin American Tour, I thought about to give NARGAROTH up. But during the Latin American tour, with the fire of passion towards NARGAROTH – they enlightened the spark in me again. My musically heart belongs to them. And yes, when I am alive, I will come back!

16 – Connected to the previous question, I must also ask you about European tours and shows. Are there any planned for the next year to support the release of Spectral Visions of Mental Warfare? Also… anything planned or to be planned for the US as well? By the way, has Nargaroth ever played there? I know you’ve been in the US, but I’m not sure about the band.

I will not promote the next album during a tour. It wouldn’t work because of the material the album contains. In 2011 I plan a regular European tour. I’ve been in the U.S. because of military reasons, but never with NARGAROTH. I played in Canada a tour in 2007.

17 – For a person that has started listening to Black Metal recently, a young listener for example, and this person would like to listen to the worth bands, which ones would you recommend? In addition, if someone didn’t know Nargaroth, where do you think this person should start to get to know the band?

Always start with their first album. So you can see (if you are interested) the development of the band and decide what you find goo and what not. I always would recommend the bands from the old polish scene from 1992 – 1996. That was and is my favorite at all. Norway is overrated. I was never into them deeply. And nowadays I see in them the main-traitors and business pussies. Never start with modern, high produced “BM”. It’s false and soulless “music” and reflects nothing of what BM is all about!

18 – Two personal questions now. It’s nothing too personal though, as a matter of fact, only about your tastes. Many people know what you do for a living and it’s not an easy work. So, after a hard day of work, what do you prefer to do in order to relax?

I fear to say, that I never relax. That’s something I really must take care of soon, or I will be just another number of a heart attack victim. I like hunting, but I haven’t done it for a long time.

19 – I’ve noticed that you enjoy travelling as well. Which is the place that you’ve found the most exotic and that really captured your attention? Is there any region you haven’t visited yet that you’d like to?

Viet Nam. My peace I found in the jungle of Viet Nam. I wasn’t in Africa yet.

20 – Again, thank you very much for the interview. I wish you nothing but the best for your future, whether it comes to your personal life as well as Nargoroth’s, that you may achieve all of your goals. Please, send my regards to Charoon, he has a great stage presence. Any last words you’d like to share with us?

Maybe not all share my considerations, views and ideas of Black Metal. And because of that, some people seem to place themselves among my so-called “enemies”. But we all summon the same cult, the same madness, the same insanity – Black Metal. And that makes us undeniable to brothers, in blood or hatred.

November,  2010.

April 14, 2014


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