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Greetings over there. First, I would like to thank you very much for taking your time to answering Metal-Maniac’s interview. It is highly appreciated. Please, I would like to introduce yourself to our readers.


S: Greeting to this audience. We are Svoid, the fellows of divine End.


Let’s talk a bit about the musical style of the band. As you have stated before, the band plays anti-cosmic metal. Please, enlighten us about the meaning of this, musically speaking. How much were you influenced by the Current 218 and in which way, if I may ask?


Daniel: When we are talking about the anti-cosmic prefix of music, we must add that mostly that was linked to our first era, when we wanted to separate the music and the surrounding aura, the context from each other. The influence in that sense is inevitably there, but has a new meaning for today. Our music slowly transforms and taking its formless shape continuously, and we think that within traditional “metal” scene we have reached what was our intention to do so. And while our sources remain the same and the message is there, we would like to enlight the high contrast what we have there in between to emphasize the being of this Void.


S: At the very beginning we clearly wanted to be discerned from Black Metal, because we see that as a finite, past context, and so to say, ideology. That was a primary message that we are not defined by a certain genre, however we do have our own roots coming from the depths of extreme music. Being lawless and unbound was the key meaning from the early days when we didn’t really see where our sources will lead us musically. We didn’t want to stand in the way of progression.


Being influenced by the Current 218 is essential for me personally, which marks our art with traces, but not alone. Many of the olden traditions have the same essence as these gnostic paths do and the hunger of the chaos vortex is there deep within, but you should be able to connect the dots in mind. Therefore this is also an evolution, starting from a point when you realize darkness and afterwards you find universal tools to dive deep within; this will lead to an understanding of Death beyond.




In 2013, Svoid released an album that I highly enjoyed, very interesting, cult, chaotic and at the same time, almost “rustic”, but with a great production. I believe that “To Never Return” deserves much more attention. For those that are not familiar with the album, I ask you to talk about it, which were the main influences, about the lyrics, mainly what you wanted to reach with this release. Almost three years later, is there anything that you would like to change about it?


S: If you want to accent and emphasize your message, then you have to take care to do it in a context which is appropriate for that reason – and this was so true when we have started to collaborate closely as a core. Our debut album starting from the development evolution was really a start on that unconventional path what we have chosen. This is not a headstrong will to being different, it is just a dark matter of inspirations and open minds coming together. For us, music is not really related to genres, rather to vibes, frequencies and the experience of flow, which is boundless. Many music, instrumentation can be a lifeless medium, and we started to use this as an advantage coming about our music to appear. So we let more to influence us in Svoid as well. Coldplay, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, U2, Editors started to make sense viewed in a new light and started to show their faces within our music. From lyrical point of view at that time there were words about spiritual experiences painted onto a drapery of Null, invocations and prayers put into the invisible fire.


Maybe most of the readers expect that I should not change anything on that record which is not necessarily true, I found things from time to time to improve, but I humbly accept the timelessness and with this I can see the album as a constant shape of that aeon. And for this reason there is nothing to change.


Last year, a new work by Svoid came to light, the single “Devil’s Blood”. Now we think about when the band might release a second full-length album. Are you working on a new release? If so, could you please give us some hints of about how it may sound? Still on this subject, I would like to know a little more about how the creativity process of the band, how it works… do you think about the lyrics first and then the music or vice-versa?


S: “Devil’s Blood” single was an intermediate step on the evolution. Before releasing an album which reflects our aim musically and lyrically, we wanted to connect the dots to express our devotion to the lunar serpents and at the same time highlighting the tools of expression. As we type, our second album is in the press, so your assumption was right actually. During the last year we were busy with developing and recording the new album which is basically a self-definition, called “Storming Voices of Inner Devotion”. The new album consists of eleven tracks and thousand waves of Doom which reflect us, exactly in the intended way of our evolution. We’ve put a huge effort to every phases of this record, starting from the instrumentation, development and recording as well. This time we’ve been working with a young and talented sound engineer who is really outside of Black Metal, and this difference of viewpoints helped a lot to improve on the particular stages. How it may sound? Well, this is vintage and modern at the same time. We used different distortions and drives, adjusted to the corresponding tracks for instance. This is simple and chaotic. Upsetting and devoted. At the same time this is hard to go into any specific, because it is so strange to us as well.




Correct me if I am wrong, but all Svoid releases have been independent. I sincerely believe that your music deserves the attention of a label. Actually, we never know if these “deals” end up well or not, but I digress. Is the band interested in signing to a label or do you prefer to remain completely independent? Do you feel that it is harder to be signed to a label when you play such original and unique music?


S: Our past materials were released independently. Later on we’ve signed by Sun & Moon Records for the re-release of “To Never Return” and there are certain plans for the very upcoming aeon as well. But yes, the first years in this sense were independent, which of course needs high commitment from us as a band. If you have control above everything related to your band, then you have to focus on things and freedom, but requires dedication at a time. And this is fine for a certain level of degree.


We were always open to sign to a record label, and we had some opportunities, but things are continuously taking shape so finally we are at a stage when I think all of our release-related activities will be in the right hands. The new album will be out by a truly devoted group of people, we are going to announce the signing officially in a few days. They do believe in us, and give primary support for us, which is based on the common understanding and strong cooperation, which is essential.


Answering your last question I don’t really have an impression (and experience) how a band could be signed who walk a certain dedicated path, since this is subjective what is original today. Each and every chord were played already and melodies were or will be invented due to the law of large numbers by the collective unconscious.


Let us know how your live performances are. Many of us, unfortunately, live too far away and might not be able to see you performing live, so, explain to us what the public can expect from the band as well as what you expect from the fans.


S: The live presences are handled as spiritual act on stage, a religious appearance with incense, coil and blood. The characteristic of smoke which reflect us establishes a link between the known and the unknown worlds, and we serve the inevitable End, the fires of Null, the gods of Void and the bottomless depths of the stars.


Daniel: Time and again we extend the original line-up with guest musicians to be able to focus more on the performance-like nature of our concerts. There were (and for sure, there will be) events where we used wind instruments by guest members on stage to blow reflections of Death deliberately for those eves. It’s about taking it to the next level with each shows, this is really important to us after all.


Once in a while we also used to perform covers from various artists, for instance Editors, Enslaved, Katatonia or Bathory (where actually we played the complete first LP to commemorate the 30th anniversary of that album). With these special moments we can gain something unexpected until we return into the mist.




Still related on the subject, you are going to play a show with Mgła in February. Actually, you might have already played the concert when this interview will be finished, so, let us think about two possibilities… what are you expecting concerning this gig? Or, if you have already played, tell us how the whole experience went. By the way, are there any more Svoid concerts planned for a near future?


S: We have an interesting way of thinking with regards to live acts that we take part in. From the very first times of the organization until the end of the show we see that as an individual commitment, which is only relevant from our point of view. While offers and requests to play with other bands are appreciated, this is essential for us to not being impacted or prepossessed by the external aspects. So in particular we avoid this as much as we can, therefore I cannot add too much to the Mgla show as well. We met them personally, shared gears and helped each other, and tried to keep their magic and aura untouched. They are prepared performers who also improve on album and on stage.


On the other hand this was the first time when we played with an extended line-up, involving a session bass player. There was vacuum between the crowd and us, as always, but so far that night there was the utmost waving sorrow that I’ve felt on stage. Sometimes I am close to destroy myself on stage by these embracing powers, and this is beautiful.


And hereby our next confirmed ceremonies:

30.04.2016: Budapest (HU),

20.05.2016: Budapest (HU),

06.10.2016: Arad (RO),

07.10.2016: Debrecen (HU),

08.10.2016: Satu Mare (RO),


Whenever I interview a band from Hungary, I always mention how much I love the country. The music created there, the wines, the nature, the castles. Something mysterious attracts me so much. I even have some words tattooed in Hungarian runes, simply because I love the nation. I guess I must have been Hungarian in another life. Well, I have been to Hungary, but never to Miskolc (I have the jersey from DVTK that my Hungarian friends gave to me when I visited them in Budapest and hold it dearly), so, please, tell us something about this city, what you enjoy most about it. Still on the subject, are you a patriotic person? What are you most proud about Hungary?


Daniel: When you dive deep within the depths of Void, then the surface becomes meaningless. When you deny and negate all things, this includes your hometown and country. If I could be at any places over the world, the same melodies should sound within me which take shapes as songs. In this sense I am only a viewpoint, a context of certain meanings.


S: Miskolc was the place where the band was formed, but today we are co-located, portable band for many reasons. We prefer places around the globe which are dead and lifeless and cannot be related to human existence.


As aforementioned, we are not stick to a particular place. We are like a storm, wherever we are. Svoid should exist without a corresponding shape as well, because all knows Chaos, which is faceless. Then how could it be possible to become still and unmoved defined by a contour?




We will still be talking about the personal part of the band. Sometimes, we, admirers of music, would like to know a bit more about the musicians, but nothing that will invade your privacy, of course. Well, outside the music word, tell us what do you enjoy doing, favourite books or movies, drinks, travelling, anything that you would like to share with us.


Daniel: Composing anti-life propaganda filled pop music, solitude, gravel shores and mountains, widening my knowledge and finishing tasks.


S: I think there is a few numbers of those which are or can be related. Controlling the uncontrollable, seeing the unseen, breaking the broken.

To build in order to destroy.

Ingmar Bergman, H.P. Lovecraft, minerals, isolation, waters, singularity.

Just these in this pale moment.


What do you believe that the future holds for Svoid? And what do you wish that will happen in the future with the band?


S: Most likely after releasing the new album this task, this level will be marked as complete and we let this creative process start again. We won’t wait three years again in silence until the next full-length, that is for sure. There are certain ideas in mind to proceed with, but maybe this is too early yet to talk about, but those who understands our way of thinking might guess that we won’t repeat ourselves. I mean, this will be the same darkness again, but there should be a matter that this darkness flows through. On stage, on a material, on any paths we walk.




And so we reach the end of this interview. I would like to express my gratitude one more time for you to answer my questions. I wish the band all the best in its plans, both personal and professional ones. Do you have any last words for our readers?


S: Thank you for your well-prepared questions and effort put into this, it was a pleasure to answer. Find your path towards the portals of Null and don’t fear to stare into the abyss.


Thanks to Markus Eck from METALMESSAGE for helping this being done.


All pictures belong to their rightful owners.



February 25, 2016


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