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An Interview with Toxic Waltz…

Hello! Thanks for taking your time to answer my interview. I heard your album and I really enjoyed it! Please, introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us a bit about the history’s band.
Hello, this is Jimi from Toxic Waltz. Thank you very much for this opportunity and your feedback, we really appreciate it! I started the band around the beginning of 2009 with our ex-drummer Tim. After a bit of time our Bassman Rahman and our Shouter Angelo joined us. With that lineup we performed our first show and Lenny from DUST BOLT helped us out on the rhythm guitar. On that concert we met Alex who shortly afterwards joined the band. At the beginning of last year Tim decided to quit the band and we got lucky that we found our new drummer Flo within a few weeks.


“Decades of Pain” was released this year, 2014. How long have you been working on this album and how was the composition process? Do you feel that you’ve achieved what you wanted when it comes to your first release (not counting the demos)?

We worked on it almost since the band had the complete line up until the end of 2012. Last year we struggled with the line-up change so it took a while to get the last things done like booklet design & stuff so that’s why it was released this year.
The songs were mostly composed by the same pattern. Most of the time I came up with a few ideas, some riffs and sometimes and the basic structure of the songs. Then I showed it to the rest of the band and we did some little changes and everyone brought in his ideas and thoughts. After a few tryouts the songs were finished most of the time.
We think it’s a good debut with some small weaknesses but of course we want to improve ourselves the whole time so the future release will be different. The feedback has been quite good so far but we hope we still can increase the attention with this album to get more attention in the future.
In addition to the previous question, what are your favorite moments on “Decades of Pain” and if there’s anything you’d change on the album?
Ohh good questions. We think the title track is the strongest of the songs and spoken for myself I like the guitar harmonies. We think it would have been good when the songs structures would have been more diversified but we take care of that on the next record.
And about your lyrics, what are your main interests when writing the lyrics. Do you, like many Thrash Metal bands, enjoy composing about politics as well? And what are your main favorite topics?
The topics are mostly cover different stories about war, hate, society and also something different like agrarian economy which can lead to suicide.  Indirect most of these topics lead to politics.


We think it’s good to write about established thrash metal topics but also about current things to criticize and show what’s wrong with the world today.

I’ve been interviewing many independent bands lately. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent band? Also, why do you feel that neither the bands and the labels give each other a chance?
An advantage of course is that you can do literally what you want – no one tells you what to do so often independent bands are more authentic because you know they just made the decisions by themselves. On the other side it’s difficult to stick out between other bands when you have no label. And most of the time the bands need to cover the costs own their own so it’s really expensive.
Spoken for us we cannot say we didn’t give the labels a chance. In fact we wrote to a lot of them. Unfortunately the response was really bad – most of the labels didn’t write back at all and others wrote us we need to pay at first a lot of money. That simply lead us to the decision to release our record independently. We think the problem is that music is not that much worth when you compare it to the past. Today there are so many countless bands and many people download the music without paying the band attention or pay for the music so every band is a risk for a label.
Speaking of live gigs, describe to us your concerts? I’ve read that you played about twenty shows per year making the band well-known in the Bavarian region. Also, please, tell us the best and worst experiences you’ve had live.


Hello, this is Rahman – the next answers I did together with Jimi. I think the best way to describe our live gigs are the lyrics from the Exodus song „Toxic Waltz“ that´s extactly what we´re trying to bring to our fans. The best experience we made so far was in my opinion the second gig with our drummer Flo. It was in Munich in a club called „Backstage“ were we supported the German Death Metal Band Debauchery and this gig was just awesome-  a crowded hall and the people were insane so I will never forget that gig. About the worst experience, I think actually we haven´t that much „worst experiences“. We had some gigs with only a few people but as long as it’s not the standard it’s ok.


The band cites as the members listen to lots of Bay Area bands as well, as Sepultura and many others. But what about the German Thrash Metal scene, how do you feel about it? In my humble opinion (a view as a fan only, not some huge specialist or anything like that), but Sodom is the all time best Thrash Metal band. Hehe, I know this is far from being “the ultimate answer”, it’s just a fan thing.


Oh I like the German thrash scene. We have many great young bands like Dust Bolt, Battlecreek, Running Death and Mynded. Hahaha yeah I like Sodom too, but it´s not the best band in my opinion from the German band´s my personal favorite is Kreator 😉 But as you say it’s a personal choice.


Connected to the previous question, how do you feel about this Thrash Metal revival that has been around for some years? In my humble opinion, many great bands were created. How do you make to differ yourself from the others, to distinguish yourself?


Yeah about that thrash revival I totally agree with you, there are a lot of new bands we like too. I think the difference between us any many other bands is that we have a lot of grooving parts and not too many very fast parts. Also the music together with the voice of Angelo is slightly a bit different as the music has a lot of melodies in contrast to the vocals.


Also we like to write a bit unconventional stuff sometimes and green has some parts where you can hear it. With these riffs we want to vary our style so it doesn’t get to boring and to predictable.


Now that you have released your début full-length album, what are Toxic Waltz plans for the future? Any tours planned?


We´re trying our best to play as many gigs as possible, but without a booking agency it is really hard to plan and play a tour. We hope our album gets enough attention so we get some offers. Beside of that we are working already on new stuff so we hope the release of the second album doesn’t take too long.


There are so many bands out there trying to make it, to release at least one album, being it independent or not or even musicians that want to start a new album. What would be your main advice for them?


Well it’s a lot of work and it will cost a lot when you want to do it professionally. Also if you aren’t 100% sure you want to do it leave it or maybe wait a bit. On the other side when you are sure about it do it. The people will recognize it when a band is doing their stuff authentically and ambitioned.


And now the silly questions just for the fun (found around the internet): Should I fake my orgasms? How was the routine of milking cows for milk discovered? What do prostitutes wear during winter? And does masturbation cause side-effects to an athletic career?


Well as dude it’s hard to fake it. And as women…I think it depends …if she think it’s necessary then she can do it 😀


About the milking process…I think humans just looked at cows and saw it.

Prostitutes Winter clothing…is there any thermo see through clothing? Haha!


Well masturbation is also sports so it maybe helps the career! Beside of that when sports guys are wearing very tight bands it’s better they don’t need to be afraid getting horny while doing their thing – This might also have serious aerodynamic consequences! Hahaha!!


This interview has reached its end. As always, it is a pleasure for me to interview qualitative metal bands that have in a way impressed me, so, thank you very much for this opportunity one more time. I’d also like Markus Eck for the help. Any last words for our listeners?


Thank you very much for the interview!


To every fan we want to say if you like us or any other band please support us / them by purchasing the music, merch and go to their shows. Music is a really though business!


Cheers Jimi and Rahman / Toxic Waltz

April 29, 2014


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