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Ars Irae – Dunkle Klänge



Founded in 2004, Ars Irae is Blackened Death Metal band from Rosenheim, Germany. Citing influences such as Asphagor, Black Sabbath, Enslaved, Helfahrt, Helrunar, Saeculum Obscurum, Secrets Of The Moon, Wraithcult, these Germans have released their second full-length album five years after the début “Unter der Erde”. The new work is called “Dunkle Klänge” and I’ll share some words about it.





Well, to start off, of course the German metal scene needs no introduction. There are so many great and influential bands from this nation that it can be called a metal homeland, well, perhaps we could say that there’s more than one homeland, but, yes, Germany is a very metal country. And this concerns many subgenres as well, Thrash, Heavy, Death and Black, we can find several creative bands, be them famous or more underground ones.





When it comes to Ars Irae, in my modest view, this band deserves much more recognition, as they have an imposing, impressive sound. There’s this epic, colossal feeling all over the album, as you’re in a legendary journey. The titles sound all very interesting as well, relating to the style of music Ars Irae plays, monumental and massive. The vocals are of a raspy, but at the same time, deep Black Metal shrieks, while the guitars create an atmosphere of grandiosity inspiration. I believe it should also be added that the album is very varied, as it was aimed by the band. One outstanding work, with an ominous, striking aura that is to be highly regarded.




As for the production, it’s stated that the album was recorded and produced in the band’s own studio and mastered by Dan Swanö. With a name like that, you don’t really need to worry about the quality of the sound, as Dan is indeed a specialist. So, my dear friends, I ask of you to check Ars Irae’s music and if you enjoy their creation, please, as I always mention, support and/ or promote this band any way that is possible for you.





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Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Ars Irae


Album: Dunkle Klänge (2015)


Label: Quality Steel Records




  1. Des Jägers Fluch
  2. Dunkle Klänge
  3. In die Tiefe
  4. Wieland der Schmied
  5. Schatten
  6. Als nichts war
  7. Ein neuer König
  8. Blutrote Flammen
  9. Herbst
  10. Homo Sum Humani


Ars Irae is:


Toni – Drums

Flo – Guitars

Michi – Vocals

Stephan – Guitars

Volker –Bass


Official Facebook:


Official Homepage:


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April 17, 2015


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