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Today we have a fresh new band never reviewed or interviewed by this website. Founded in the year 2011 in Finland, Auriel is a one man band that has just released its début album named Luscinia. Inspired by the forests, the aura is building up under the foliage, awaiting to emerge and cover the landscapes in rapture. As stated in an interview for foreverslainzine, Luscinia has been under construction for more than three years, and most of the aura has been composed for a long time already. I just was never completely satisfied with the recordings and was reiterating all aura over and over again until I decided that this cannot go on.




I had already heard some of the musician’s previous works/ versions and I honestly believe we have a very talented person here, always in my modest view, of course. This release proves that Auriel is a band with enough potential to one day be able to sign to an important label, since, in my humble opinion, in Luscinia you are able to sense many interesting ideas and outtakes better than some of the well-known acts. The creativity is there, the only problem I have to mention is that the recording quality could be better, but that means money and this is not easy for an independent one man band. And this doesn’t ruin the listening experience.




Musically, we are presented to a Black Metal act with Post and atmospheric elements as well as influences from acts such as Agalloch, Ulver and Alcest. For me, what stands out in this particular work are the guitars, beautifully played, with a fierce passion, sometimes almost hypnotic; check out Ikiuni to have a better understand of what I am talking about. As I always like to point out, I listen to the albums I’m reviewing, or better, simply sharing my thoughts, one more time while I type the article and I have to say, Luscinia gives me a boost, it’s not a downer, neither a happy release either, but rather energetic and intense.




Last, but not least, I invite you all to listen to Auriel’s début full-length, you can easily do that through the band’s Bandcamp official page. And if you enjoy the music, the ideas, I beg of you to find a way to help supporting and promoting this independent band. I’m very pleased with the début and I’m sure that Auriel can only improve in the future. With our help, it will be easier.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Auriel


Album: Luscinia (2015)


Label: Independent




  1. Syysmyrsky
  2. Viisi lintua tulen maasta
  3. Pikajuna taivaanrantaan, osa 1
  4. Pikajuna taivaanrantaan, osa 2
  5. Tyhjiöodysseia
  6. Marras
  7. Lumisade
  8. Ikiuni
  9. Hukkuaksemme ajan virtaan


Auriel is:


Isaac Z. Arcturian – Guitars, bass, synthesizer, voice & drum programming


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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March 1, 2015


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