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Barbatos – Straight Metal War



At long last, Japan’s BARBATOS returns with their first album in nearly a decade, “Straight Metal War”! A prolific force on the split-release front, “Straight Metal War” is BARBATOS’ fifth album to date in 17 years of existence, and their first for HELLS HEADBANGERS. Helmed by Abigail mainman Yasuyuki, BARBATOS have become cult legends in the metal underground with their uniquely filthy ‘n’ sleazy brand of blackened heavy metal/punk. Possessed by sex, drinks, and metal, Yasuyuki here extols the virtues of high school girls and heavy metal forces, Witching Metal and Tokyo rock ‘n’ roll shows, Satanik Holocausts and of course the very real “Straight Metal War”. It’s a dozen dirty songs that are immediately memorable, remarkably varied, and whose dirtiness simply won’t wash off. Stock up on ammo and enter the “Straight Metal War” with BARBATOS!




I had to quote the entire description from Hells Headbangers Records page because it summarizes how awesome Barbatos is. I have been following Yasuyuki’s works for quite some time and, frankly, the man has never disappointed me, not with Abigail, neither with Barbatos and Tiger Junkies. I collect material from all these bands, including the defunct Cut Throat, which he was joined by Mirai from Sigh, and I must say that it’s not an easy task. Muck like Sabbat, Barbatos and Abigail releases many splits, live albums, and, I find it impossible to own everything. What I mean by the previous statements is that yes, I am a faithful “fan” of Suzuki’s works. I do not like using the word fan because it almost implies that someone who blindly follows another with no critical criticism whatsoever. Nevertheless, I am far from that. At least, I believe so.




Anyways, as mentioned before, it has been quite a while since we heard a new full-length album from Yasuyuki Suzuki, being “Let’s Fucking Die!” from 2006 and, as Abigail, “Sweet Baby Metal Slut” from 2009. I remember that I interviewed him in 2012 or 2011 and he was already working on a new Abigail album titled, at the time, “The Final Damnation” so, I am still patiently waiting for that, however, I am already more than glad to listen to a new Barbatos album. “Straight Metal War” is a continuation of Suzuki’s previous works, I say that in a positive way, not meaning a simple repetition, but actually a straightforward, dirty and vicious Blackened Heavy/ Thrash Metal album with punk influences. It is just too good to put in words. Consequently, if you are already familiar with his previous endeavours, I am positive you will highly enjoy this outstanding album.




It is a trademark of the band to present us with many riffs, catchy and fiery, very abrasive with an incredible amount of melody. The guitars passes excitement, thrill, they made you feel like headbanging while the album lasts. Mind you, if you do not enjoy crude sounds, the punk attitude and politically incorrect lyrics, this is not for you. With titles such as “Rocking Metal Sluts”, “Goodbye High School Girls”, “Fly To The Sexual World” and “Seven Teen” (amazing song) how can you go wrong? His titles are already a spectacle. The vocals are very varied as well, from the characteristic extreme vocals to a kind of Japanese style almost with a drunk feel, indeed great. I personally do not enjoy suggesting one or two songs for you to check, I always advise you to listen to the whole album, in order to be taken away from its atmosphere. “Straight Metal War” is a lesson of old-school music played with soul, attitude and no compromise.




For those that are into this musical genre, the production quality is not what they (we) are mostly interested in, as long as you can hear everything well and you are able to distinguish everything, it is fine. In this album’s case, the recording quality is raw, fitting the “moods” of “Straight Metal War”, but still fine enough to be able to enjoy the songs presented here. So, my dear friends, those were some humble words about Barbatos and “Straight Metal War”, my passion for its music and I ask you to, please, legally check their music at Hells Headbangers Records’ Bandcamp page. If you enjoy what you heard, I beg of you, support the band!




Until next time.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Barbatos


Album: Straight Metal War (2015)


Label: Hells Headbangers Records




  1. Hells Witching Metal
  2. Rocking Metal Sluts
  3. Heavy Metal Forces 3
  4. Goodbye High School Girls
  5. Straight Metal War
  6. Seven Teen
  7. Hey! Hey! Hey!
  8. Dreamin Dreamin
  9. Tokyo Rock’N Roll Show
  10. Satanik Holocaust
  11. Fly to the Sexual World
  12. World War 3


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Yasuyuki Suzuki – Everything


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All photos belong to their rightful owners (some pictures as Abigail).

June 2, 2015


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