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Besegra – Infortunium



Hailing from Brantford, Ontario, also known as the Telephone City, as Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone at his father’s home in the mentioned city, Besegra is quite an unique band since they play a different Thrash Metal style, mixing influences and sounds from death, progressive, and neo-classical. When I read their biography I was a bit curious to know how they handled it and managed not to make it all a mess. They handled pretty well, I must say!


It’s mentioned on the band’s biography “exciting, heavy music with an intense stage show means you will not want to miss”. They’re indeed correct, it’s not misleading at all. The music here is incredible, different, and indeed exciting! Even though the band incorporates elements from classical genres, their sound feels new, almost unheard of before.


In my humble opinion, Besegra is a very skilled band, the instruments are ferocious, featuring very cool solos, the vocals are distinctive, well, the entire package is more than satisfying. I am very surprised that I didn’t listen this band before, as I didn’t know what I was missing.




Production-wise, nothing to complain about, the EP sounds crystal clear, all instruments and vocals are heard with perfection. It’s old-school, but still very professional and powerful.


I finish this review by stating that, although Besegra is a young band, we can clearly sense that the musicality in this album sounds like a veteran band. I truly enjoyed what they had to offer, Thrash, Death, some parts that reminds me of a bit of Melodic Black Metal. All this stew was cooked to perfection. Hopefully there will be many new releases from Besegra in the future.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: Besegra


Album: Infortunium (EP – 2013)


Label: Friendly  Fire  Disco


Track list:


1. Master of Attrition

2. Blood Lust

3. The Beast Submits

4. Open Arms

5. Division

6. This Is What Killers Are Made Of


Besegra is:


Brennan Ferrar – Drums

Zach Rouse – Guitars

Trevor Gehl – Guitars

Max Warwick – Vocals

Cory Hauley – Bass


Official Facebook:

Official Homepage:

June 4, 2014