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Bjarm – Imminence

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Russian Metal scene has been one of my favorite for many years. I remember I got into their metal in late 2000/ early 2001 with bands such as Pagan Reign, Butterfly Temple, Temnozor, Невидь, Ashen Light, Arkona, Alkonost and many others. I’m always eager to discover new bands from this country, as I find their scene quite unique.


This review concerns Bjarm’s latest release, named Imminence. This Symphonic Black Metal band was formed in 2009 and is based in the city of Severodvinsk, in the north of Arkhangelsk Oblast. And, as it’s stated on their promotional material, the name was chosen because “Bjarmaland (also spelled Bjarmland or Bjarmia) was a territory mentioned in Norse sagas up to the Viking Age, and it usually referred to the southern shores of the White Sea and the basin of the Northern Dvina River, which today comprise a part of the Arkhangelsk Oblast of Russia”. A name full of history.




Well, about the music then. Here we have, as said before, a symphonic black metal release that feels bombastic, beautiful and strong at the same time. We still have female vocals as well as growls and Death Metal influences, I believe this completes a short description of their sound. In my modest view, everything on this album sounds right, works in perfection, the orchestrations, the cold and ferocious guitars, the qualified and efficient drumming and the ravenous bass playing are all done properly, correct. I’m sure you’ve heard some terrible bands that tried to create music that this band plays, but it’s really not the case here, their music feels rich and grandiose.


Production is another aspect of the album that pleased me; it’s all very well done in a professional way. You can hear all instruments and vocals very clearly, distinguished from one another, all sounding very impressive. Great work here as well.


Bjarm-Imminence Cover Art


This is an album that was very pleasant to my hears, I believe that the band has all to achieve their goals, they have the creativity, they have a label and a promotion agency helping them and managed to release their début album, now it’s more work, play live, and so on. I wish them all the best and that we will be able to listen to the sophomore album and many others. Like I always, if you enjoy their music, please, do what you think will help the band, as I mention, maybe by just telling your friends about them, it will be an immense cooperation.


Promo kindly provided by Melissa from FullBlast!PR.


Take care.


Grade: 9,3/10


Band: Bjarm


Album: Imminence (2014)


Label: Fono Ltd.




1. Approaching of the Close

2. Knowledge of Doom

3. Ominous Dreams

4. The Nine Worlds

5. Fire Lord’s Torment

6. Imminence

7. Oracle

8. Secret of the Immortals

9. The Highest Hall

10. Tree on the Bones


Bjarm is:


Mikhail Shatnyi – Bass

Vitaliy – Drums

Alexey – Guitars

Egor – Guitars

Anastasia – Keyboards

Andrey – Vocals


Official Facebook:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

August 2, 2014


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