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Blasphemous Overlord – Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy



Blasphemous Overlord is a one man American Black Metal band formed in 2013 by Bob Macabre. If the information around the internet is correct, this musician is involved with more than twenty bands, which is impressive to my eyes. There is not much data about the band, so, I guess he wants to maintain the project into a very underground level.




In 2014, Blasphemous Overlord has released the band’s début album. Named “Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy”, this release is composed of eight raw, crushing, piercing old-school Black Metal, with mad vocals and guitars, sounding completely evil. The music is minimalistic and if you aren’t attracted to this sort of music, you won’t be able to enjoy “Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy”. But if it’s of your taste, ugly, violent and dirty Black Metal, in a way primitive and aggressive, you’ll love the album.




In my humble opinion, sometimes the music sounds a bit simplistic, but if I want to listen to complex empty instrumental masturbation, I’d look after other bands and genres, so, for me, again, in my modest view, this doesn’t really affect the quality of Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy.




All in all, this is a good album and I hope that Blasphemous Overlord will keep the work alive. The band has showed that has the qualities to release an even better effort in the future. In the meantime, I urge you all to support the bands and labels that you enjoy the way that you are able to.


Have a good day.


Grade: 9,0/10


Band: Blasphemous Overlord


Album: Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy (2014)


Label: Salute Records




1. Embrace the Horror and Blasphemy

2. Eternal Crepuscule

3. Centuries of Unholy Wars

4. No End to the Suffering

5. Unleash the Malevolent Beast

6. Casting Evil Spells

7. Blood Flows from the Gates

8. Ghost of the Heretic


Blasphemous Overlord is:


Bob Macabre – Everything


Official Label Website:


Official Label Bandcamp:


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September 4, 2014


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