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The Swiss Black/ Death Metal duo Bölzer is back with a new release. After the highly acclaimed EP Aura, from 2013, the band returns with another EP, this time named Soma. I was told by a friend that I might like this band; I remember it was just when Aura was released. He was correct, I found it so outstanding that I even tried to interview them, but, sadly, at the time being, they were not giving any more interviews. I completely understand and respect their decision. I don’t know if one interview I’ve read with them is an exception, but I truly hope to have the opportunity to exchange some words with a band I really admire.


But, yeah, I guess I should be speaking about the latest EP, as mentioned before, Soma. Well, this is goddamn massive, the eerie atmosphere that was a major part of Aura is still present in Soma, the EP has also a transcendental mood, but always maintaining the violent and crushing Black/ Death Metal that Bölzer became known for.




Before I talk a little bit more about the music presented on Soma, I believe that it’s important to share the views of the band concerning the EP: “Aura is a spiritual journey, like a birth and awakening. Soma goes into the deathly with a war-based theme.” (…)


“I’d rather have each song be more like a moment in some kind of emotional tumult. I like to play with words and paint a picture, but in an unconventional sense. It’s a chaotic poem although there’s rhyme.” (On an interview for




And on the band’s official Facebook page: “Our second EP ‘Soma’ is currently receiving an audial and visual pampering through the gifted hands of Temple Of Sol and BNB respectively. We are very pleased with what is intended to be the conceptual conclusion in a celebration of dualism.


‘Soma’ consists of two odes to the goddess Luna, set amidst a thematic backdrop of war and the surrender of the fleshly temple. The tonal and conceptual qualities will contrast the themes of spiritual birth and phallic solar worship offered on ‘Aura’, ultimately perpetuating the cyclical struggle of energies.”




The way the vocals are handled shows despair, the guitar and drumming works may sound “strange”, but, in fact, in my humble opinion, they are unique, amazing, a true representation of quality and vision, with immense and respectable creativity. There isn’t one second that might bore you; this is indeed more than admirable, if they keep this pace, with such originality and talent, the band’s full-length album will be one of the masterpieces of this decade.


And to keep my tradition, I’ll close this review with a request, which is: if you like a band, Bölzer in this case, do what you can to support them, to help them, be it about going to a gig, buying an EP and if not possible, at least promote them on your social media of choice. Any help, in my modest view, is more than welcome.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Bölzer


Album: Soma (EP – 2014)


Label: Invictus Productions




1. Steppes

2. Labyrinthian Graves


Bölzer is:


HzR – Drums

KzR – Guitars, Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

September 11, 2014


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