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Carn Dûm – Khamûl


A relatively young band, but formed by experienced musicians, Carn Dûm was forged in Saarland, Germany, in the year 2012. Since then, the band has released two demos, one simply named Promo in 2013 and Khamûl, the object of this review in 2014. The band’s name, as well as their thematic, is based on Tolkien’s works.


Expect nothing like Summoning or Caladan Brood, here we have a more oriented Black Metal and folksy elements and, unlike the mentioned bands, we don’t really hear an atmospheric work. I find this interesting, because it’s another way of hearing Tolkien inspired work on the metal world. You can hear some of those elements that are usual when it comes to Summoning, for example, acoustic passages, chorus, symphonic at times., especially on the last song, but all in all, this band is more black metal oriented.


Another aspect that I personally enjoyed (as I often) talk about it on my interviews is that Carn Dûm uses their mother-tongue, German, and that, in my humble opinion, makes the music much more interesting and unique.


About the recording quality/ production, one more time, there’s nothing to complain about here. The only thing I’d wish is to hear the vocals a bit better in some songs. You can clearly hear them, by the way, I just would like them to be just a tiny bit louder.


If you want to support the band, you can either buy the digital version of this demo for a mere € 1. There is a physical version for this demo, but I believe it’s gone as I searched on the label’s website and only found a t-shirt for the band. It was stated that the demo was limited to 50 hand-numbered copies in DVD case. Anyways, if you liked their work, tell your friends about this band, you can notice that this is a work of feelings, that there’s passion in its music.


Carn Dûm released an amazing demo and I just hope that they won’t be like many other great bands, which just fade into inexistence. I truly wish to see them releasing albums in the future to be.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Carn Dûm


Album: Khamûl – Demo (2014)


Label: Lupus Tonkunst


Track list:


1. Nacht

2. Hithaeglir – Über die Nebelberge

3. Der Ruf der Ferne

4. Khamûl – Schatten des Ostens


Carn Dûm is:


P. – Bass

M. – Drums

Lupus – Guitars

Khamûl – Vocals


Official Facebook:

Official Bandcamp:

May 19, 2014