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Celtachor – Nuada of the Silver Arm



Celtachor is a Blackened Folk Metal band from Ireland. Born in 2007, it became a full working band in 2010, melding the influences of black/doom/folk metal together in one combined force. The band sees themselves as the narrators of Irish Mythology with main goal to showcase their own vision of those stories, playing the music with passion and from the heart. After releasing two demos and a full-length album, their sophomore “Nuada Of The Silver Arm” comes to light now in 2015.




At first, as I hadn’t heard their début and didn’t know Celtachor’s material, I was afraid that it would be another Primordial or Cruachan clone. Fortunately I was wrong; this band has its own identity and “selfhood”, as an entity. Of course, as the mentioned bands creates Celtic metal, you can hear some influences or better, a few remembrances here and there. But, at first, what I have to say is that if you weren’t willing to give this band a chance before, believing that it wouldn’t differ from Mael Mordha, Cruachan Primordial, for example, I ask you to forget about this, what we have here is distinct music.




Nuada Of The Silver Arm is a powerful, epic and proud album, beautiful and interesting. Filled with emotion, fieriness and a glorious sentiment, this album is simply majestic, a true delight to the ears. The riffs are just outstanding, giving the music so much energy and fervor. Indeed a phenomenal work. Inflated, dominant vocals as well as very skilled and creative instrumentals complete this stunning, magnificent production.




As for the recording/ how the album sounds, the production itself, another distinguished point of the release, all very crystal clear. I finish my thoughts by inviting you, the cherished readers of this humble webzine, to give Celtachor a try, as they truly deserve it, and, if you enjoy their music, and I sincerely believe there’s a very high chance of that, I urge you all to support and promote the band.




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Until next time.


Grade: 9,7/10


Band: Celtachor


Album: Nuada Of The Silver Arm (2015)


Label: Trollzorn




  1. Arrival Of The Tuatha
  2. The Mighty Sreng
  3. King Eochaid’s Fall
  4. Bres
  5. Nuada Of The Silver Arm
  6. The Gathering at Teamhair
  7. Second Battle Of Magh Tuireadh
  8. Nuada’s Burial
  9. Uaithne: The Dagda’s Harp


Celtachor is:


Stephen Roche – Vocals, Irish Whistle, Bodhran

David Quinn – Guitar

Fionn Stafford – Guitar, Irish Whistle

Oliver Deegan – Bass

Anais Chareyre – Drums, Bodhran


Official Facebook:


Official Website:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

March 10, 2015


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