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CHRIST of KATHER/ MARKUS Maria HOFF – Das Oldschoolformat Der Zukunft



And here we have another review concerning Japanische Kampfhörspiele’s Christof Kather projects, this time ‘named’ “CHRIST of KATHER/ MARKUS Maria HOFF”, the two musicians involved with this release. “Das Oldschoolformat Der Zukunft” was released in 2012, but I believe that, since the music is outstanding, I need to review it here, although there are already many other opinions on the internet.




The Japanische Kampfhörspiele aura is obviously present in “Das Oldschoolformat Der Zukunft”, not being that far from their roots. The music is a mix of hardcore, grind, punk, crust, some Death Metal influences here and there and I confess, if feels freaking amazing. I have to also admit that Christof and his side-projects have never disappointed me. While I listen to this album, I feel like jumping and headbanging. And, in my modest view, one of the most important aspects of music is to create a sensation, a sentiment and not simply leave you bland and that’s when you fail. “Das Oldschoolformat Der Zukunft” made me forget about the daily troubles for a while and that is truly important.




What’s more, one thing that completely displeases me is the fact that some bands are highly respected for being so technical, but, at the same time, their music sounds sterile. This, as far as I remember, doesn’t apply to this release. This is a straightforward, fast, powerful album, with very interesting lyrics, in my humble opinion, of course, in fact my German is still somewhat basic, but fortunately I could understand many aspects of them, The album doesn’t get boring at all, how could it get anyways, twenty eight songs in thirty-four minutes. Actually, it leaves you wanting for more of their sonic attack.




When it comes to the production, nothing is over-polished, but still clean; you are able to listen to all the instruments with no problem what-so-ever. I invite you to, please, check their Bandcamp page and, if you enjoy their music, I ask you to support this band the way you are able to. I personally loved this work and hope you all feel the same way.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,5/10




Album: Das Oldschoolformat Der Zukunft (2012)


Label: Unundeux




1. Intro

2. Bombt Die Dritte Welt Weg

3. Weltgewinner

4. Heavy Metal E.V.

5. Musik [Soll Eigentlich Schön Sein]

6. Verschwörungstheorie

7. Phantasiebegradigung

8. Klavierunterricht

9. Gesellschaftsordnung

10. Überraschungsmoment

11. Autolobbyisten

12. Atomkraft Loben

13. Schmutzige Bombe

14. Schnibbel Schnibbel Operier

15. Intelligenzmissbrauch

16. Arbeitenarbeitenarbeiten

17. Konsumkritik

18. Freie Bahn Mit Marzipan

19. Analyse

20. Hartznazi

21. Hirnstammnotfallprogramm

22. Erziehungsfehler

23. Entspann Dich Mal

24. Limitierter Lamborghini

25. Rock Am Ring Bänzel

26. Kreativitätskiller

27. Feierabend

28. Die Röhre




Christof Kather – drums, vocals, samples

Markus Hoff – guitars, bass, hammond organ


Official Bandcamp:


All photos belong to their rightful owners.

December 4, 2014


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