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Clandestine Blaze – New Golgotha Rising



Clandestine Blaze is one more band that I have to thank friends for letting me know about it. It was around the time of “Night of the Unholy Flames” in 2000/ 2001 and a friend told me that he was sure that I’d enjoy the music created by Mikko Aspa. And ever since then, Clandestine Blaze’s releases are always a must for me. In 2015 we have a new release coming to light, New Golgotha Rising, which I’ll share some of my thoughts about it.




Before, a few words about the band… Founded in 1998, Clandestine Blaze is a one-man band from Lahti, Finland, influenced by acts such as Darkthrone, Beherit, Bathory and Burzum. The band is very prolific, having released eight full-length albums as well as three compilations, four splits, one being with Satanic Warmaster and another with Deathspell Omega, one EP and four demos. In an interview for the webzine the anti-flesh nimbus, Aspa has stated that, when it comes to compositions and how the music flows in the albums that in these cases, it is not only the composition of each individual track that matters, but very careful attention to wholeness what works as album. Transition of mood from track to another and through entire playtime of c. 20+20 minutes (LP) must flow well. It is not only matter of good riffs or good songs, but in some occasions even intentionally “bad” song might be necessary. This was especially true in “Falling Monuments”, where songs that are not good as music, were required to suit the feel of lyrics and purpose of album.




In regard to the previous quote and concerning Clandestine Blaze’s new album, “New Golgotha Rising”, it flows very well and, in my modest opinion, I believe that this time, having in mind what Mikko Aspa has stated, there was no need for an intentionally bad song, since all, every single one of them, in my view, feels very well-built and sounds fine. This is a very heavy and powerful release, with an imposing, darkened atmosphere, with a desolation and hopelessness touch. This is the kind of ugly, enraged and uncompromised crushing Black Metal. The music itself doesn’t change from the previous works, but it’s not simply a carbon copy of them, but rather featuring the well-known Clandestine Blaze elements, with Aspa’s deep vocals, tortured pulsating riffs, atmospheric passages, mid-paced Black Metal. All in all, I profoundly believe that Clandestine Blaze has managed to create another solid and highly respectable work.




The production of “New Golgotha Rising” is much, much better than I expected, it still has those raw elements, all very organic, but still with a quality to be completely audible. And so, my cherished readers, these are some of the words, some of my thoughts about how the latest Clandestine Blaze album feels; I am indeed very pleased with the result of Mikko Aspa’s creation. I invite you all to check out his music at the official Bandcamp page and, if you like it, please, support the band the way that you are able to.




Take care.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Clandestine Blaze


Album: New Golgotha Rising (2015)


Label: Northern Heritage Records




1. Evocation Under Starlit Sky

2. Fractured Skull

3. Consumed by Flames

4. New Golgotha Rising

5. Culling Species

6. Passage to New Creed

7. Final Hours of Sacrifice


Clandestine Blaze is:


Mikko Aspa – All instruments, Vocals


Official Bandcamp:


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April 3, 2015


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