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Codex Alimentarius – The Hand of Apophis



Allow me to start my review already sharing the words of the band about themselves, which follows: “Rising from the Southwest, Codex Alimentarius formed in 2009. (…) bringing a new age of more bone crushing, brutal style of metal to the underground leaving the crowd hungry for more! Codex promises a powerful and energetic stage performance with a no-holds-barred attitude, with their eyes always set on dominating the UK and International Metal scene.” It is good to see a band with that motivation. If you take your words and thoughts seriously, you’ll overcome the great issues that all musicians have to face.




So, after releasing a full-length album in 2010 named “The Infinite Growth Paradigm Verses Finite Resources”, the band is back with a new “nuclear bombardment” that is the EP “The Hand of Apophis”, a blackened death metal album with symphonic elements. The musicianship is incredible and the music feels exciting. I love the “dual” vocals and the instrumental side is to be praised as well. There’s an epic feeling all over the songs, amazing work here, my friends. It’s very intense, dramatic and thrilling. Too band that the EP is so short, it lefts you wanting more and more!




As for the production, nothing to complain about, another element of the album that is commendable. So, I close my thoughts as I always do, asking you to support the bands that you like, especially Codex Alimentarius, the way that you can. I highly recommend this EP.




Have a good day.


Grade: 9,5/10


Band: Codex Alimentarius


Album: The Hand of Apophis (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent




1. Apophis

2. The Hand of Apophis | Part 1 – Trajectory

3. The Hand of Apophis | Part 2 – Azimuth

4. The Hand of Apophis | Part 3 – Impact


Codex Alimentarius is:


D – Bass

Frank – Drums

Elliott – Guitars

Tim – Guitars

Stan – Guitars

Ray – Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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December 30, 2014


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