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French Avant-garde Blackened Sludge Metal band Dead Mountain Mouth is back with a new EP after two years since the release of the band’s sophomore full-length album. Founder and sole member Lundi Galilao is also a member of one of my favorite bands, A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm, which was interviewed here. As for the EP, here’s what the band has to say about it and then I’ll share my thoughts: “Viae” contains three songs for about 25 minutes of music. Three songs, each one dealing with one specific path man takes to find God. Rejection of the self (“Mortify”), blind ecstatic faith (“Lamb”) or obsession and transcendental study (“Science and wilderness”) are displayed here by Lundi Galilao in a quite progressive and unusual form.


If you enjoy weird music, this is definitely for you. I don’t mean weird in a negative way, but rather a very experimental type of metal music with different and diverse outtakes, psychic feeling, much like a sonic journey. Indeed “Viea” contains unique music and ideas that, in my humble opinion, are formidable. Also, the lyrical concept of the release is, again, different and very interesting. If I could mention some “similar” bands, I’d say that Ephel Duath and Oranssi Pazuzu’s music somewhat gives you an idea of what can be found in “Viae”.




I’ve been very pleased with the French Metal scene as there are several musicians/ bands that are talented, hard working and creative, in many metal genres, especially when blending them and it’s also the case with Dead Mountain Mouth. I’m really satisfied with what I heard on this EP. And the music, there are so many aspects to talk about that I humbly believe that my words would not make up to the brilliance of this release. It’s so multifaceted, mixing elements of Doom, Black, Sludge, Avant-garde, some electronic sounds, amazing guitar work; I really can’t praise it enough. I can only recommend you to listen to it when you’re able to.


“Viae” production is crystal clear, also to be exalted. So, what else can I tell you other than to ask you to give the band a chance, to listen to the EP on the Bandcamp’s page and if you can, purchase the album… If not, there are several ways that you can also support the bands you like, so, please, whatever you believe will help “Dead Mountain Mouth”, I urge you to put it in practice.




Until next time.


Grade: 9,8/10


Band: Dead Mountain Mouth


Album: Viae (EP – 2014)


Label: Independent




1. Mortify

2. Lamb

3. Science and wilderness


Dead Mountain Mouth is:


Lundi Galilao – All Instruments, Vocals


Official Facebook:


Official Bandcamp:


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December 9, 2014


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  1. New album “Phtos” has just be released. Can be listened here :

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